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1987 S. BRIGGS & CO.
Blackburn, United Kingdom
Lauter Tun


Shell depth:
2000 mm
False bottom:
14 stainless steel plates; slot width 0.7mm
Condition info:
Very Good
Overall height:
2800 mm
Grain bed depth:
410-460 mm
Inside diameter:
4200 mm
Operating voltage:
220Volts/50 Hz. 3 Phase, no neutral
Control automation:
Fully automated by an ACCOS 2S control system
Processing equipment in United Kingdom
Filling lines


Available is a stainless steel, S. Briggs & Co. Ltd. Lauter Tun complete with control system, year 1987.
Technical details :
Inside Diameter : 4200 mm
Shell depth : 2000 mm
Overall height : 2800 mm
Grain bed depth : 410-460 mm
False bottom : 14 stainless steel plates; slot width 0.7mm
Lautering gear : SS tubular arms, 17 phosphor bronze lauter blades; 0.5 RPM clockwise for lautering, 13 RPM anticlockwise for grains discharge.
Wort collection : 14 wort run-off pipes draining into to headers connected to a main header
Fittings : 2 x Fury heads (CIP); 9 x sparge nozzles; 16 high pressure nozzles for underplate jetting; 1 spent grains outlet valve; 2 x Handtmann seat valves; grain discharge system excluding spent grains silo.
Control Automation : Fully automated by an ACCOS 2S control system
Operating Voltage : 220Volts/50 Hz. 3 Phase, no neutral
The machine is still installed but has been taken out of production 2 weeks ago (mid April 2013). It can be inspected at any time on a “dry run” basis. Upon firm offer it will be possible to organise a brew so as to inspect the machine in working condition.
Additional details :
* Brew Length – it is normally operated with a brew length of 250 Hl but the machine can accomodate a max of 270 Hl.
* Weight – Vessel empty = 8.5 tonnes (excluding gear boxes and other ancilliary equipment)
* Grain-water ratio : For their highest gravity beer, the current owner used 3350 kg malt, 350 kg maize powder in 150 hl mash volume.
* Max. percentage brix obtainable in wort : By limiting last runnings to approx. 2.5 deg plato current owner used to recover about 180 hl of wort at 16.5 plato before boiling for high gravity beer .