Kühbach, Germany
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Brennholzprozessor Spaltfux 1900


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Hydraulic values:
Ideal is 40 l at 180-250 bar.
Hydraulic pressure:
13.00 t
Possible log lengths:
25, 29, 33, 37 and 41 cm
Forestry machinery


Firewood processor Spaltfux 1900 - presenter
Demonstration unit, only for photographic purposes and video recordings. Available immediately!
Special price, instead of 5390 euros only 4935 euros
Special machine for the firewood treatment of wood up to 19 cm or already roughly split wood.
One machine for 4 operations:
Pick - cutting - splitting - loading, everything is done in one work without physical exertion. Ideal for thinning wood as well as for the woodworking companies who want to process your rest wood quickly and easily.
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Suitable for attaching to tractor front loaders, excavators, farm loaders, skid loaders or wheel loaders.
Efficient firewood production. Only a double acting hydraulic connection is required. We can offer different attachment adapters.
The new dimension in the production of firewood: The Spaltfux 1900 turns all conventional habits on the firewood production upside down: From tree trunks, turn-ready firewood slats are turned into "hand turning"!
The firewood processor takes up the trunk, cuts it and splits it without having to take the wood into your hand. Direct loading in trailers, bigpags, wooden boxes etc.
- Robust knives allow low-wear, long-term use of the machine.
- Simple re-sharpening and easy replacement of the knives is possible.
- Even demolition wood (with nails, zem centers, etc.) can be processed without any problem.
- The wood dries faster with this process and burns better.
- No lifting of heavy load.Sprecise your back.
- In the case of machines with a cabin, the firewood will be a child's play in bad weather.
Technical specifications:
* Possible log lengths: 25, 29, 33, 37 and 41 cm
* Maximum stem diameter is 19 cm
* All woods up to 19 cm are automatically split once.
* Maximum stem length approx. 4 m
* Chest length 25 - 41 cm adjustable.
* Splitting force at 180-250 bar 13 to
* Loading automatically.
* Speed ​​Caps / Columns:
* For oil quantity 40 l / min ca.1.3 sec.
* Height / width 1.55 m / 1.94 m
* Weight without attachment bracket 350 kg
* Control only by 1 piece double acting hydraulic connection.
* Hydraulic values: Ideal is 40 l at 180-250 bar.
* For smaller values, the working speed and the gap force may differ.
* Corresponds to the EC Machinery Directive
* Subject to change
Sturdy design and generous material thicknesses. Made in EU. Has nothing to do with cheap import.
Delivery time approx. 3 weeks from order.
Before the purchase:
Please clarify before purchase:
Which mounting adapter is required? Availability? Hoses of hydraulic connections? etc.
Please contact us for further information. Tel. 08257-8800 Holz-allesch
Subject to prior sale
Tour and test run with date possible
Extension adapter (optional):
Avant 125,00 € tax incl.
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