2000 Soehnle Scale with conveyor

2000 Soehnle Scale with conveyor line in Kleinostheim, Germany

Kleinostheim, Germany


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Used machine in good condition


Features: * anodized aluminum enclosure * IP 65, dust- and splash-proof * Operation via membrane keypad with tactile feedback * Steckernetztteil: Input 230VAC 50Hz Output 9VDC, 300mA. Charge adapter Wide range optional * Operating temperature -10 ..... +40 C * Storage temperature -20 to +60 C ..... * Zero range -1% ... + 3% of the weighing range (max.) * Initial zero -5%. .... + 15% of the weighing range * Condition: fully functional with traces * color: gray * Ideal * Expertly dismantled for rapid material handling and packaged Specifications: * Overall length: 600mm * Overall Width: 810mm * Height Scale: 140mm * Width frame: 30mm * Roll width: 730mm * Rollenqürschnitt: 50mm * wheelbase: 100mm * Drive: belt * Year built: 2000 Söhnle scale an economical use of raw materials, an efficient production process and the exact dosage of components, these three factors are for manufacturing companies of central importance. Tackling such complex tasks presupposes a weighing system which guarantees high precision in terms of linearity, repeatability and size of the measurement signal. Dynamic checkweighers are designed for the best possible Verwägung all kinds of products and packaging, sacks and bags and boxes to trays and tins. They are suitable for high performance and use in tough production environments The innovative modular [...Technical data truncated]