Zgorzelec, Poland
Ballenwickler Selbstlader Wickler Z577 TOP-AGRO NEU 2016


Round baler-wrapper
10.0/80-12.10 PR


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EU quality leading manufacturer Metal-Fach Version Top Agro special color.
Z577 - Selbstlader The Bale wrappers
Z577 with a self-loader is equipped with a lateral loading gripper, which ensures a fast and efficient machine operation - harvesting and wrapping processes take place during the journey from one to the other bale or storage location. The machine is equipped with a device for cutting and taking up the film. So the human use only when you create new film rolls is required. After completion of the winding process the bales can be set up using the ball Leger on the lid, with the attendant risk of film damage is reduced. It is equipped with a sheet feeder having a width of 500 mm and 750 mm.
The loader arm and the shaft distance can be adjusted, so that bales 1500 mm can be wrapped with the dimensions of 1200 x 1200 and 1200 x.
The bale wrapping machine is equipped with a system for conversion of the axles of the wheels, with the one hand, a smaller transport width of the machine, on the other hand stable characteristics during machine operation (wider machine) can be achieved. The special design of the rotary shafts prevents the bale slip during the winding process. The direct drive transmission to the special ring bearing the turntable causes the engine is operated in contrast to machines with chain drives quietly and reliably. The control is done using the control lever fitted with Bowden cables 3-section hydraulic from the tractor cab. The machine is equipped with a programmable counter for displaying current number of ball turns, the operating time, the number of bales and the average number of bales per hour. Further, the counter can be used to three independent fields. The long experience of Metal-Fach Sp. Z o.o. in the manufacture of ball winding machines guarantees a long, trouble-free operation type ME Z577 - Selbstlader
Loading of the bale - Rear
Ball diameter: 1000x1200 mm
Film width: 500/750 mm
Number of table revolutions: 24/16 U
Umwicklungszeit the bale: 2 / 1,3min
Machine dimensions: length 4350 mm width 4250 mm height 2380 mm
Weight: 950 kg
Tyres - 10.0 / 80-12.10 PR
Tractor power 30 kW
Tractor attachment - Acker hook or upper transport hook .................
Ball Leger - € 350 net charge .............................
Film section - Automatic
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CE certificate
B safety mark
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