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FOD Bydgoszcz FFBA 300 profiled
Miechucino, Poland
FOD Bydgoszcz
FFBA 300


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Tilting spindle moulders
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FOD Bydgoszcz profiled milling machine t
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FOD Bydgoszcz profiled milling machine type FFBA 300
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FFBA profile milling machine is a universal machine tool with a wide range of applications in the furniture industry and carpentry, both in large industrial plants and craft workshops. Particularly suitable to perform any kind of dovetail and milling on flat surfaces shaped profiles and straight wood materials, wood and some plastics. Ideal for mass production of leather goods from wood and garden programs including railings, fences, ornamental columns, balusters and elements of drawers, bee hives and frames. Milling elements in packages. It can be used to micro-milling fingers when connecting the length of the timber
- The largest cutting height 216 mm
- The largest milling depth of 65 mm
- The largest milling width 300 mm
- The largest cutter diameter 250mm
- The diameter of the rear cutter 40
- The speed of spindle 4600
- Motor Power 7.5 kw
- Feeding speed 0 - 3.2 m / min
- The pressure in the pneumatic system of 0.6 - 0.7 MPa
- The connection of the pneumatic 3/8 "
- Demand the area. chip extraction of 150 l / mim
- Dimensions
- Length 1000 mm
- Width 1300 mm
- Height 1450 mm
- Weight 1000 kg
of construction and operation
The principal teams of milling are: body, table, spindle, the team bumpers actuators, pneumatic system, electrical control system
The table is built permanently in the body of the machine, which has a beneficial effect on the quality of the shaped outline and allows milling machining of long workpieces
The spindle can be equipped with any team cutters with dimensions given in the technical - operational
Used in the milling machine pneumatic system with a hydraulic throttling enables infinitely variable speed control feed motion
Different systems actuators enable precise stops processing profiles
Cover milling tool provides a high degree of safety and tranquility
Electrical apparatus is placed in a separate box, located on the body of the machine
Convenient and safe control system provides two-handed buttons