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Sorensen DCR20-50B 20V/50A/1000W DC Power
Elgin, IL, USA


0.15% of 10 max. for 8 hours after 30 minute warm-up
Condition info:
Temperature coefficient:
0.03%/C. of lo max
Constant current regulation:
125 mA
Constant voltage regulation:
10 mV
Constant current ripple (pard):
125 rms/mA
Constant voltage ripple (pard):
65 rms/mV
Dc power supply


NIST Calibration Pricing - $115.00
Sorensen DCR20-50B Features:
Constant Voltage Regulation: 10 mV
Constant Current Regulation: 125 mA
Constant Voltage Ripple (PARD): 65 rms/mV
Constant Current Ripple (PARD): 125 rms/mA
Voltage Regulation (Constant Voltage Mode): 0.05% or 10 mV, whichever is greater
Remote Sensing: Maximum drop per load lead should not exceed 5% of Eo max. or 3 V, whichever is smaller
Transient Response: 50 ms (typical) to return to ± 2% band for step load change of 50 to 100% of full load
Current Regulation (Constant Current Mode): 0.25% of 10 max. line and load combined
Temperature Coefficient: 0.03%/C. of lo max
Stability: 0.15% of 10 max. for 8 hours after 30 minute warm-up
Remote voltage and resistance programming in voltage and current modes
Adjustable current limiting (overload/short circuit protection) with automatic recovery
Overvoltage protection standard
The Sorenson DCR20-50B Power Supply incorporates a single phase input SCR controlled regulator providing high efficiency and fully adjustable output power. It has excellent voltage and current regulation with automatic crossover. Panel lights indicate operating mode.