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Tabor Electronics 9200A 400V 2CH
Elgin, IL, USA
Tabor Electronics


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Tabor Electronics 9200A Features:
-200 to +200 V (400 Vp-p) with up to 100 mA output current
Full power bandwidth from DC to >500 kHz
Monitor Outputs for each channel
Precise signal amplification for multiple applications
Compatible with any of the Tabor arbitrary waveform generators
The Tabor Electronics 9200A can output signals from -200V to +200V with continuous currents up to 100mA per channel. The output is driven from a 0.1Ω source and, with some degradation of its bandwidth, can drive capacitive loads up to 1nF, while maintaining its full amplitude range. Model 9200A has a rear-panel monitor output that divides the main output signal by 100 for applications that require monitoring of the output signal with low voltage sensors.
The Tabor Electronics 9200A has two modes of operation. The first is normal mode where each channel amplifies and outputs bipolar signals with a gain of x50. In this mode, the input signal is amplified and delivered to the output terminals without modification of its original properties, except its amplitude level. Using this mode of operation, each channel can be used separately to amplify a unique signal. The second mode of operation is the unipolar mode where the signal is applied to one input, rectified, amplified and output through two separate outputs. Using this mode, the amplifier is converted to a one-input, two-output system, specifically designed to operate the up/down and right/left actuators of a typical MEMS micro engine, as well as for other applications requiring the precise conversion of bipolar to unipolar signals.