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For 200 pW to 200 mW 10 MHz to 8 GHz -NRP-Z11, For 10 MHz to 18 GHz - NRP-Z21
Test and Measurement
Sensor type:
Freq. range low:
10.00 MHz
Freq. range high:
18.00 GHz
Computer interface:
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Rohde & Schwarz NRP-Z22 Average Power Sensor, 10MHz-18GHz
The RF and microwave Power Meter R&S
is always the right choice:It is ideal for daily use in research and development, production or mobile service, not to mention when analyzing broadband modulation signals of third generation mobile radio.
The versatility of the novel R&S NRP power meter series is primarily due to the newly developed sensors in R&S Smart Sensor Technology. These sensors are intelligent standalone instruments that communicate with the basic unit or a PC via a digital interface.
The R & S Smart Sensor Technology sets new standards in terms of universality and accuracy. The R&S NRP base unit offers exactly what you expect for today: compact size, intuitive user interface and multichannel capability. In addition to the R&S®NRP2 base unit, there are a number of sensors available to perform diverse measurements. Complex signals with digital modulation (for example, as required by advanced mobile radio standards such as WCDMA and WiMAX) are handled as easily as are CW signals, carriers with analog modulation (e.g. AM, FM) and pulsed RF.
Each R&S®NRP-Zx sensor is an independent test instrument and can be operated directly via USB. The sensors are typically connected using the R&S®NRP-Z4 passive USB adapter. Regardless of the type, no calibration is required prior to making measurements, since calibration data is stored directly in the sensor at the factory.
Power measurements with a base unit or with cost-efficient USB power sensors alone
Innovative multipath sensor technology
Average, peak and peak-to-average power measurements from DC to 67 GHz
90 dB dynamic range
High measurement speed
Accurate measurement of average power regardless of bandwidth and modulation
Accurate measurements for GSM/EDGE, 3G, WLAN, WiMAX™, LTE and beyond
Handling of external components through G and S-parameter correction
Simultaneous operation of up to 4 sensors on basic unit
Operation of sensor directly from PC via USB interface
Flexible use with signal generators, signal analyzers and network analyzers from Rohde & Schwarz