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1994 Filter plant in Barntrup,

1994 Filter plant in Barntrup, Germany

Barntrup, Germany


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Used machine ready for operation
Size of filter box:
L 2500 mm x W 1500 mm x H 4500 mm


Filter plant
year of manufacture: 1994
Filter plant with filter hoses type KF 5/400
modular steel sheet construction cleaning of filter hoses by vibration motor with cellular wheel transport
with return air unit
with stairs platform for inspections
dust suction capacity 44.000 m³/h
filter area 400 m²
filter area capacity 110 m³/m2h
filter material polyester needle felt
residual dust contain 5 mg/m³
cellular wheel transport KS 410/230
transport volume 12 m³/h at 30 % filling volume
infeed diameter / outfeed diameter 410 x 230 mm
height 400 mm
driven by gear motor 1,5 kW
Return air canal
Clean air canal from 3 mm steel sheet with secondary filter class EU 7
size 1500x7500x800 mm
Return air canal from galvanized steel sheet: 10 pieces canal 1200x800x2000 mm long, with bows and fire protection flap
Heat isolation 160 m² of 50 mm thick isolation material for all outside located pipes and canals with outside cover from galvanized steel sheet
size of filter box: L 2500 mm x W 1500 mm x H 4500 mm