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TSC MANUFACTURING Pipe Handling Equipment - Pipe Handling Equipment - Misc in Houston, TX, USA

TSC MANUFACTURING Pipe Handling Equipment
Houston, TX, USA
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Drill Floor Manipulation Arm The TSC drill floor manipulation arm tails and guides tubulars between the V-Door ramp/catwalk/conveyor, setback area and well centre position. Its tubular range is adaptable to a variety of client needs. Features: - Slew, tilt and extend functions on the telescopic arm - Options for mounting: drill floor mounted on a pedestal or underslung from the top drive guide rails - Range of heads available to suit tubular diameters - Rollers fitted on riser head to protect riser buoyancy - Tilt and rotate functions on the heads to accommodate for handling leaning - Optional pad eye on the racker head for general handling around the drill floor - Control options available: operators cabin, drill floor console or radio control - Backup manual control on the DFMA - Hydraulically actuated - Interlocked and integrated with the drilling system zone management.