2015 PROD-MASZ Abkantbank 4,14/0,65 Metalplatefoldingmaschines
Żalno, Poland
$2,403 USD
Abkantbank 4,14/0,65


Subcategory 3:


Bending machine / folding machine / bending machine / Schwenkbigemaschine ZGR-4140mm / 0.65 mm without roller shear without Handfalzmaschine costs 2300 euros We have a new, high-quality folding machine of 4140mm / 0.65mm. This machine guarantees very high quality and agility of the force exerted by the roofers working. Our Haptaufgabe is producing Abkantbanken with which we deal be many years. The bending machine is in degrees Scala, Roman screws, front cutting Limited, rear rack, gas springs fitted. the working length turn to 4140 mm sheet steel up to 0.65 mm our machine both a copper sheet and aluminum sheet the total weight of the bending machine is 1000 Kg wide light zwichen lower beam (fixed) and upper beam (pushing) of 80 mm bend angle of 145 degrees thickness of the bending beam of 20 mm New, complete machine delivery to the client certificate CE The angle stop FOR FREE !!!!! The company PROD-MASZ is their confidence to inspire customers down thanks to the reliability and high quality. In the field of Deut Schlad and Austria Transportksten be 300 euros. We deliver our goods not only in the big cities like Leipzig, Hamburg, Berlin, Essen, Munich, Cologne but also in small towns like Mannheim, Würzburg, Wiesbaden, Soltau, Zwickau. The bending machine can be equipped in rotary shear which one v hand throughout the working length [...Technical data truncated]