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Mitsubishi M-T42E CNC Multi-Spindle Automatic
Oak Forest, IL


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Mitsubishi CNC Multi-Spindle Automatic Screw Machine. 6-spindles. 42mm collets.
High pressure coolant equipment,
Spindle angular bearings for 3,500 rpm,
Universal Chip Conveyor,
X,Z combination cross slide, position 1, 2
Rigid tapping attachment, position 3, 4, 5
Polygon milling attachment, position 4, 5
Pickup attachment with air blow unit, position 6
Parts chute with air cylindar
X Bar length 3,658mm,
Spindle speed 2,800 rpm.
Fanuc 15TTA Control. 12 axes, 6 systems with X and common Z (end tool slide).
Tool nose radius compensation
Cutter radius compensation
tool offset memory
No. of tool offsets, 32
Incremental offset
Tool offset compensation
All slides numerically controled and programmable. Spindle drive and tool slides can be quickly changed to different setups without changing gears or cams. Indexing repeatability accurate to 0.0001".
INDEPENDENT SLIDE, Z-Axis (Optional for up to 3 positions of positions 3,4,5 and 6) Accel reaming, threading sub-spindle pick-up and boring or milling - Output of motor AC Servo motor, 75 kW (1hp) - Stroke 150mm (5.9”) - Rapid traverse 18m/min. (708 ipm) Sub-spindle, Y-axis, optional for position 6 (6) CHUCKING AND STOCK FEEDING - Stock feed 120mm (4.7”) (7) WEIGHT (base machine only) 10,000kg (22,025lbs)* Feed Function - Linear interpolation - Multi-quadrant circular interpolation - Inch/Metric conversion - Automatic acceleration/deceleration - Rapid traverse override 1, 25, 50, 100% - Feedrate override 0-150% (every 10%) - Exact stop - Exact stop mode - Cutting mode - Dwell, revolutions or minutes - Diameter or radius command, set by parameters - Equal lead threading - Continuous threading - Feed per revolution