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Louault SR3 PE25/45 in Saint-Fargeau, France

Saint-Fargeau, France
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Louault trailers
SR3 PE25/45


Semi trailers
Subcategory 2:
Box body trailers


COL DE CYGNE: gooseneck for 3.500m, hardwood floor 41mm, corners cut AV 350x350, 2 removable steel plates by interlocking, front tailgate height 300mm, pivot 2 '' to 2 positions, cut pan of 750mm + 2 ramps d ' Access with housing under gooseneck
PLATEAU: IPE chassis with IPE frame and IPE rails, 8.500mx 2.540m platform (overall 2.550m) with 750mm rear cutter, 2-speed mechanical gear with articulated skates, 50mm hardwood floor on low shelf, AR stands Loading
RAMPS: 2 loading ramps of 2.500m x 0.750m, fully metal, with non-slip bars (or wooden floor), hydraulic lift with hand pump
AXLES AND SUSPENSION: mechanical suspension with springs parabolic blades with parallelism adjustment, 2 axles round diameter 127mm, brake 300/200 with ABS and third axle self steering
WHEELS: 12 wheels 235/75 R17.5 GOOD YEAR, twinned, spare wheel with winch wheel
BRAKE: EEC brake 2 circuits with modulator and ABS, parking brake by spring vase
ELECTRICITY: illumination and signaling conforming to the EEC road code with 4 rotating beacons on telescopic supports + 4 panels of over-width, retro-reflective peripheral strips
FINISH: all metal parts are shot blasted, 2 coats of polyurethane primer, 2 coats of polyurethane finish to your shade
MISCELLANEOUS: 4 + 4 lashing rings in the shore, 1 kit of self-broaching tubular spreaders, homologated cyclists, certified bumpers, extinguisher support + fire extinguisher, wheel wrench, mine reception (in compliance with the highway code) , Gray card + license plate
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