• 2017 High Cube 20fot med öppningsbar långsida

    $6,942 - Sweden Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: High Cube

    containers with both rear doors and completely openable long side, clear opening of 5850mm free inlastningshöjd 2494mm and width of 2287mm inv dead weight 3300kg complete with new lastväxlarram i...

  • 2015 20Fots sjöcontainer Dubbla dörrar i båda kortändar

    $3,544 - Sweden
    • Manufacturer: 20Fots

    brand new oneway 20fots shipping container with doors at both ends. dark blue color (neat) construction of sjöfraktscontainer: walls of corrugated steel, stålprofilram, wooden floors on steel bea...

  • 2016 sjöfartscontainer 20 fot HC extra hög dubbla dörra

    $3,972 - Sweden
    • Manufacturer: Sjöfartscontainer

    new dark blue 20fots high cube container with double doors (doors at both short ends with the opening) stackable up to 9 high. handle with crane or forklift. can be loaded with up to 30.48 tons....