• Konstantinidis ACKER KTS LD '17

    $3,097 - Heraklion, Greece Recently Added

      price without vat the destroyer is ideal for the destruction of industry of olive. is 32 hammers. works harmony with traklter and not the hassle.

    • 2015 Zunhammer ZUNIDRILL Acker-Injektor 8,30m Geräte-Nr.: 20581

      No price - Traunreut, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Zunhammer

      new - zunidrill field injector 8,30m, for slurry application on farmland or not to stiff stubble fields, height-adjustable upper link, adjustable threaded eyelet ball 80mm

    • 2013 Zunhammer Zunidrill Acker

      $21,676 - Dodewaard, Netherlands Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Zunhammer

      zunidrill acker g00100445 specification -zunidrill acker year-2013 (very little used around 3000 m3) -arbeidsbreedte 4.5m -vogelsang lvx 12-dn50 -dn50 dung snakes -2 heavy idlers -suitable...

    • 1991 Mercedes-Benz SK 1735 K, tipper, V8, switch, leaf springs

      $20,399 - Sontheim an der Brenz, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz

      d.b. 17 35 k, sk, the legendary original condition --- unpacked v8-motor - electronic - free 16 speed gearbox leaf / leaf sprung m-house 3-side tipper - inclined trough with loading box at the fron...

    • 2013 Amazone AGREX DDI 3000

      $12,582 - Gumtow, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Amazone

      mechanically, elektroaustattung: agrex fertilizer spreaders ddi 300 with three groups gearbox and weighing system tarpaulin, can fully be geöffner mobile delimiter for the acker wheels for ddi tail...

    • Konstantinidis Milling KONSTANIDIS ACKER 2.10m '03

      $2,349 - Serres, Greece

        milling konstanidis acker, heavy duty, 2.10 m. repaired, with new ones bearing the group (comer italy), with new reinforced chain and rear roller, in excellent condition. sale price 2.200 € ➯ f...

      • Konstantinidis ACKER B T 205 '09

        $3,204 - Messini, Greece
          • Hours: 3,000 hrs

          slow - express price with vat freesia e 205 80ara cutters !!!!!!!

        • 2017 Metal-fach Z560

          $2,004 - Unterschneidheim, Germany
          • Manufacturer: Metal-fach

          new equipment from exhibition, applies to the first image metal box wrapper z560 self loader on axle foil width: 50cm and 75cm, including foil cutter including winding meter, incl the z237 ba...

        • 2016 Top-Agro ACKERWAZLE Cambridgewalze WALZE 9m 500mm Cambridge SONDER PREIS Neuste Model 2016

          $8,107 - Zgorzelec, Poland
          • Manufacturer: Top-Agro ACKERWAZLE Cambridgewalze WALZE
          • Working Width: 9.00 m

          1 piece !!! special price 7600euro net new version with 9,0m diameter of 500mm buy here at one on audited and certified distributors. each of our product could be seen at agritechnica 2015 in ...

        • 2016 Top-Agro ACKERWAZLE Cambridgewalze Schwer 6,3m 530mm Cambridge SONDER PREIS Neuste Model 2016

          $6,614 - Zgorzelec, Poland
          • Manufacturer: 3M
          • Working Width: 530.00 m

          last stuck !!! special price 6200euro net heavy-duty version with 6,3m diameter of 530mm ausgleichegge surcharge 2500euro net buy here at one on audited and certified distributors. each of ou...