• Agrokraft Delta Novum subsoiler

    • Manufacturer: Delta

      coverage: 3.5 m | required tractor power: 200 hp

      No price
      Ivankiv, Ukraine
    • 2017 Agrokraft Federzahnegge TOR & TOR-X, Arbeitsbreiten 4,5m bis 24m

      • Manufacturer: Agrokraft

        spring toothed gate - this device is used for mechanical weed control. - it can be used in all crops. - the capillarity is interrupted, fine crumbling of the soil and better soil breathing is achieved with th...

        $15,439 (USD)
        Pulheim, Germany
      • 2017 AGROKRAFT Scheibenegge BLITZ mit Arbeitsbreiten 2,5m bis 9m

        • Manufacturer: AGROKRAFT
        • Working Width: 2.50 m

        scheibenegge blitz is used in the conventional soil cultivating system, as well as in the context of the minimum soil cultivation, in particular for seedbed preparation and stubble dumping after harvesting. in o...

        $13,290 (USD)
        Pulheim, Germany
      • 2017 AGROKRAFT ZORO 3m / auch in Arbeitsbreiten 3m bis 8m

        • Manufacturer: 3M
        • Working Width: 3.00 m

        agrokraft cultivator "zoro" the new agrokraft cultivator of the series "zoro" is characterized by a completely new concept through the interaction of cultivator tines, mixing discs and back-hardening roller. on...

        $14,725 (USD)
        Pulheim, Germany
      • 2017 AGROKRAFT Rotor-Striegel 3,20m / Arbeitsbreiten 3,2m, 4,4m, 6,4m, 8,6m

        • Manufacturer: Striegel

          agrokraft rotor-cutter stern - use for mechanical weed control in all crops up to a plant height of 60cm. - working independently - high surface performance due to high working speed application the rotor h...

          $10,929 (USD)
          Pulheim, Germany
        • 2017 AGROKRAFT Hackmaschine GELIO 7 Reihen / auch für 4 bis 24 Reihnen

          • Manufacturer: AGROKRAFT

            agrokarft gmbh - maishack machine gelio - mechanical weed control between the crop lines - sturdy, wear-resistant design of the parallelograms maishack machine gelio the agrokraft maishacke is used for the me...

            $12,337 (USD)
            Pulheim, Germany

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