• 2015 AGROTEC Münsterland-Rundballenzange

    No price - Raesfeld, Germany
    • Manufacturer: AGROTEC

    euronorm receptacle, 1 dw cylinder in the back wall, ball clamps with pendulum compensation, left and right slender held to bring also stored bales back from the bearing stock again. color blue or...

  • 2012 Siloking bei AGROTEC 46348 Raesfeld MK 7 Compact

    $12,704 - Raesfeld, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Silo-King

    rear axle with 2 oil motors and oil flow control, 2 dw valves with lever control in height and length adaptable to the tractor, strohring, lighting, 1 wide angle joint, rectangular tube frame for g...

  • 2017 Fliegl bei Agrotec Raesfeld Muldenkipper TMK 140 Fox

    $15,809 - Raesfeld, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Fliegl

    conical trough l4650 x b2270 x h1300, reversible top and bottom hitch, 2-line brake with alb, 40 km / h-ausf. incl. underrun protection, buggi parabola suspension, tires 550 / 45-22,5 16 pr., chas...

  • 2016 Fliegl bei Agrotec Raesfeld EDK 50 Fox mit Breitreifen

    $5,484 - Raesfeld, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Fliegl

    chassi galvanized, underride protection galvanized, rückomatic overrun brake, central locking rear, grain slide rear 300 x 200, wide 375 mm wide instead of series 287 mm, side walls 400 mm high, ad...

  • 2017 Fliegl bei Agrotec Raesfeld EDK 60 mit Breitreifen

    $6,123 - Raesfeld, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Fliegl

    rear swivel brake, galvanized chassi, galvanized underrun protection, lighting, tüv data sheet for abe or approval, grain slider 200 x 300 in the rear wall, wide 375 mm instead of 287 mm, central l...

  • 2015 AGROTEC Münsterland Cambridgewalze 6,20 m

    $8,195 - Raesfeld, Germany
    • Manufacturer: AGROTEC
    • Working Width: 6.2

    the cambridge roller can be used in the field and on the meadow. maintain soil moisture and improve soil structure. the working tools of the roller are cast iron wheels d.525 and a compensating j...

  • 2016 AGROTEC Münsterland-Scheibenegge 300-24G-R

    $6,409 - Raesfeld, Germany
    • Manufacturer: AGROTEC
    • Working Width: 3

    24 perforated discs d.560 on 2 rows of rubber cushions guided by 2 tapered roller bearings per backing disc, adjustable impact bar between the two rows of hollow discs, 1 pair of foldable edge plat...

  • 2016 AGROTEC MG-3-2000

    $2,626 - Germany
    • Manufacturer: AGROTEC

    three-point rear attachment, 80 cm frame height, external chisel distance 2000 mm, 195 mm wide chisel chisels with a cross screw attached, additional price for drainkegel incl. 100,00 eur "" sales ...

  • 2013 AGROTEC Münsterland 11500 1-Achser gefed.

    $22,783 - Raesfeld, Germany
    • Manufacturer: AGROTEC

    40 km / hr. incl. fender and underride protection, tüv germany approval papers, 2-line pneumatic brake with alb, jost 2-gear support winch, bottom bracket with ball socket k80, bpw axle with brake...

  • 2015 AGROTEC Münsterland Cambridge Lenk-Packer

    $3,320 - Raesfeld, Germany
    • Manufacturer: AGROTEC
    • Working Width: 3

    three-point attachment kat ii and steering device with mounted casters, adjustable tension springs, cambridge roller 3 m with 51 rings d.525, locking pin for steering device so that the front packe...