• 2000 Althaus SUPRA 2 S Plowshare plow

    $4,208 - Ermensee, Switzerland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Althaus

    nonstop. everything in a top condition. the wearing parts are still to be used for a long time

  • 2003 Pöttinger Servo Nova 25 Althaus 3 Carpentry

    $5,761 - Igis, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Pöttinger

    very good condition, non-stop 3 carpentry with new tools, interchangeable tip, pendulum wheel, strip treads

  • Althaus Supra 2 Plow 3-row

    $4,773 - Rogger AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Althaus

    very well-groomed 3 scharplug -hyd. nonstop stone fuse -vario hyd. adjustable -coverings about 50-60% from space

  • Althaus 3 family, nonstop

    No price - Altnau, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Althaus

    3-speed turn-and-turn, 3-speed hydraulic non-stop, anti-skidding, pendulum wheel plow ready for use, but wear parts (frontal coulters, coulters and attachment plate) should be replaced as soon as p...

  • 2011 Althaus OEPA3-160 Snow plow empty

    $4,208 - Niederwil, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Winter

    ams 20843 year: 2011 working : 1.6 m tech.daten: hydr. swivel snow plow: spring loaded admission to: category communal triangle color: red / black condition: revised

  • Althaus Maxima 2 3-plow plow

    $7,856 - Bieri Landmaschinen GmbH, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Althaus

    3-row plow, three-point attachment cat.2, semi-automatic quarry breaker with springs, double-acting reversible cylinder with automatic change-over and blocking block, 4-stage cutting width adjustme...

  • Althaus Taiga 260 Group

    No price - Madiswil, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Althaus

    6 wing cannons, rod-type roll coupler, quick coupling cat. ii, warning panels, hollow discs good condition, double hearths are new

  • Althaus Ecosem Strip milling machine

    No price - Julmy & Hirschi, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Althaus

    strip milling machine for maize 75cm row spacing hitch fertilizer boxes

  • 1997 Althaus BIS Plough

    $1,014 - Sarria, Spain
    • Manufacturer: Althaus

    plow bifurcation, turning lever, formon, complete revision, good condition, 1.25 mts between ends, better see and check final price 950 €

  • 1990 Althaus Maxima 2 2-Schar

    No price - Europe
    • Manufacturer: Althaus

    skim coulter: yes | price details: standard rate (8 %) | stone protection: yes | construction type: hydraulic reversible plough | wind row scatterer: 2-share