• AktaXpress FPLC (GE, Amersham)

    $60,000 - Hayward, CA
    • Amersham Pharmacia Conductivity Monitor

      $1,400 - Hayward, CA

        pharmacia part # 18-1500-00 provides temperature compensation. conductivity up to 1000ms/cm

      • AktaXpress FPLC (GE, Amersham)

        $60,000 - United States

          aktaxpress fplc (ge, amersham) division: lab

        • Amersham Biosciences AKTA FPLC

          $17,995 - United States

            amersham biosciences akta fplc system the provides an instrument for fast protein liquid chromatography wherein proteins of various sizes can be readily purified using different kinds of columns. t...

          • Amersham Pharmacia 3MM Purification Skid

            No price - San Diego, CA
            • Manufacturer: Amersham Pharmacia

            purification skid. item-specific notes: this amersham biosciences 3mm bioprocess system is equipped with: - cu-950 interface - air sensor as-p - uv detector uv-p - ph detector ph-p - two conductivi...

          • GE / Amersham / Pharmacia AKTA purifier

            $27,000 - United States

              ge / amersham / pharmacia akta purifier 10 chromatography system the akta purifier is a fully automated liquid chromatography system designed for method development and research applications, simpl...

            • GE / Amersham / Pharmacia AKTA FPLC

              $12,500 - United States

                ge / amersham / pharmacia akta fplc chromatography system the akta fplc is a preparative liquid chromatography system for fast and easy purification of proteins, the compact and flexible design wit...

              • GE / Amersham / Pharmacia AKTA explorer

                $31,000 - United States

                  ge / amersham / pharmacia akta explorer 100 chromatography system designed for fast development and optimization of any biomolecular purification, features method wizard for easy programming, autom...

                • Amersham Pharmacia Hybridization Oven Shaker

                  $1,700 - Hayward, CA

                    rotational speed up to 10 rpm temperature up to 80°c capacity - seven 40 mm o.d. bottles variable shaker speed manufacturer's part # rpn2511e

                  • Pharmacia Amersham EasyPrep Purification System

                    $950 - Hayward, CA

                      up to 24 samples rapid and standardised purification of nucleic acid samples.