• AKTA Purifier 10 FPLC (GE, Amersham)

    $34,000 - United States
    • Manufacturer: General electric

    akta purifier 10 fplc (ge, amersham) p-900 pump, uv-900 detector, ph/c-900 ph/conductivity detector, frac-900 fraction collector flow rate up to 100 ml/min, pressure up to 3750 psi m-925 mixer, inv...

  • Amersham GE A-900 A900 AKTA Autosampler

    $5,500 - United States
    • Manufacturer: General electric

    amersham ge a-900 a900 akta autosampler a-900 autosampler designed for use with akta loop volume 5-1000µl 96 vials 1.5 ml vial capacity syringes 100 - 1000 µl built-in compressor

  • Amersham Chromatography Skid

    No price - Fall River, MA, USA Recently Added

      amersham chromatography skid, specifications: electrical: 120v, 50-60hz, 16a, .37kw process pressure: 5 bar protection class:Êip55 pneumatic supply min/max: 6/10 bar throughput: 13-600 l/hour 10mm ...

    • Amersham GE A-905 A905 AKTA Autosampler

      $6,500 - Hayward, CA, USA
      • Manufacturer: General electric

      dispenser syringe: 250 - 1000 µl a-905 is an automated sampling injector for use with akta systems maximum total plate height: 47 mm sample capacity: 96-well and 384-well microplates loop volume: 5...

    • AKTA P-900 Pump (P-901) (GE, Amersham)

      $13,000 - United States
      • Manufacturer: General electric

      akta p-900 pump (p-901) (ge, amersham) new this new akta p-901 pump includes four 100ml pump heads pressure: up to 1250 psi flow rate: up to 100 ml/min ge product code: 18-1108-56

    • AktaXpress FPLC (GE, Amersham)

      $60,000 - Hayward, CA, USA
      • Manufacturer: General electric

      scientific support,inc

    • Amersham Pharmacia Conductivity Monitor

      $1,400 - Hayward, CA, USA

        conductivity up to 1000ms/cm pharmacia part # 18-1500-00 provides temperature compensation.

      • Amersham Pharmacia Hybridization Oven Shaker

        $1,700 - Hayward, CA, USA

          variable shaker speed capacity - seven 40 mm o.d. bottles rotational speed up to 10 rpm temperature up to 80°c manufacturer's part # rpn2511e

        • Pharmacia Amersham EasyPrep Purification System

          $950 - Hayward, CA, USA

            rapid and standardised purification of nucleic acid samples. up to 24 samples

          • GE / Amersham / Pharmacia AKTA purifier

            $27,000 - United States
            • Manufacturer: General electric

            ge / amersham / pharmacia akta purifier 10 chromatography system the akta purifier is a fully automated liquid chromatography system designed for method development and research applications, simpl...