• 1990 Armatec PX30 pump barrel

    • Manufacturer: Armatec

      pumpfass armatec 90m3 pump with little used new stator

      $6,130 (USD)
      Schüpfheim, Switzerland
    • 1988 Armatec AP-23 2300lt Pumpfass (Aebi liquid manure slurry manure barrel manure barrel manure barrel screw)

      • Manufacturer: AP

        very nice barrel no rust .2suction hoses + intake manifold with strainer, hydr. distributor on u screw pump 8bar s800 for aebi construction

        $5,274 (USD)
        Habkern, Switzerland
      • 1996 Armatec Pumpfass 3000 lt

        • Manufacturer: Armatec

          screw pump 16bar, wide angle joint shaft, tires 15 / 55x17, suction hose kaiser, wide nozzle, distributor may etc

          $14,501 (USD)
          Lungern, Switzerland
        • 1996 Armatec PW 3000 Pumpfass lt pulled

          • Manufacturer: Armatec

            screw pump ispe 125-2 90 m3 at 540 rpm. 16bar, intake manifold left and right, suction hose 4 m, intake manifold 3.60 m, wide distributor, hydr. 3-way valve, tires 15 / 55x17 as, hydr. brake and farmer stop, leve...

            $14,797 (USD)
            Lungern, Switzerland
          • 1990 VSG for cutting table

            • Manufacturer: Armatec

              in operation until end of august 8zi9kozzw for split tape laminated 225 x 321 with tilt trailers table see photos

              $11,518 (USD)
              North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
            • Schmid+Mägert 2650 Pumpfass S+M

              • Manufacturer: Schmid

                screw pump fts-armatec n80 65m3 / 8bar; adjustable stator, suction hose + suction pipe, surface distributor, suitable for reform, stator replaced in spring 2015 (only one season in use), ready for use

                $6,814 (USD)
                Sarnen, Switzerland
              • 2001 Streumix PXT 60

                • Manufacturer: Streumix

                  description streumix pumptankfass pxt 60, year of manufacture 2001, 6000 liters capacity, schwanenhalsverteiler, hydraulic spout, armatec pump isp 150, tires 15.0 / 55-17 bkt / vredestein, translate description ...

                  $5,981 (USD)
                • Sonstige S & M 2650

                      description screw pump fts-armatec n80 65m3 / 8bar; adjustable stator, suction hose + suction pipe, surface distributor, suitable for reform m. long wheelbase. pump had after revision only 1st season employme...

                      $4,158 (USD)
                    • 2014 FTS PW 4000 Pumpfass 4000l

                      • Manufacturer: FTS

                        screw pump ispe 130-2 90 m / 3 at 540 rpm. 16 bar suction connection left and right with quick coupler suction hose 3m suction pipe 3m with stone suction protection wide distribution hydr. three-way slide tires l...

                        $28,198 (USD)
                        Doppleschwand, Switzerland
                      • Armatec LA1 VSG glass cutting table

                            with tilting table to hang up completely overhauled, partly new felt all functions set and checked glass thickness min. 200 x 100 mm glass thickness max. 2 x 2 mm - 2 x 10 mm dimensions cutting table: 2550 x 3400...

                            No price
                            Pleystein, Germany

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