• 2013 ASA Lift WR135

    • Manufacturer: ASA Lift

      shop soiled 2013 windrower. 36mm webs. to include the following specification: 135cm intake width, 36mm intake web with pu drive, 36mm main web with agitation, one peice blade share, intake discs, mechanical web ...

      Damme, Germany
    • 2013 ASA Lift WR180

      • Manufacturer: ASA Lift

        ex demo 2013 windrower. 50mm webs. to include the following specification: 180cm intake width, 50mm intake web with pu drives, 50mm main web with agitation, rear depositor roller, mechanical web shaker. machine s...

        Damme, Germany
      • 2008 ASA-LIFT T 120

        • Manufacturer: ASA-LIFT

          kombajn jednorzedowy maszyna ciagana skretne kola zbiornik 2 t automatyczne naprowadzanie na redlinę autotomatyczna regulacja głebokości kopania torpedy napedzane hydraulicznie palce doczyszczajace marcher tasma ...

        • ASA-Lift LV-12 onion turner

          • Manufacturer: ASA-Lift

            onion turning machine for three-point attachment, 80cm wide rubber band and foam roll at the front, height-adjustable support wheels, collective equipment at the rear, drive via hydromotor

            Ins, Switzerland
          • 2008 ASA-LIFT T 120

            • Manufacturer: ASA-LIFT

              description one-way forklift machine skretne wheeler 2 t automatic bottom dump automatic self-adjusting dumping hydraulic tipping torches hydraulic treadmill marcher treadmill treadmill automatic treadmill locki...

            • Asa-Lift Windrower

                  arrange own transportasa-lift windrower met dubbel "side delivery"uitstekende kondisie, omtrent nuut

                  Cape Town, South Africa
                • 2011 ASA-Lift WR-135 onion harvester

                  • Manufacturer: ASA-Lift

                    onion rocker with rotating quadruple shaft and rubber dipper, 2 disc front, rubber band with 36 mm pitch, 2 pneus rear wheels, pvc rear grille

                    Ins, Switzerland
                  • OTHER / OTHER Furniture lift Paus ASA 25 WH-M

                    • Manufacturer: Paus

                      payload 400 kg, extendable length 25m. hydraulic wheel drive

                      Bern, Switzerland
                    • 2008 Asa-Lift T 120

                      • Manufacturer: Asa-Lift

                        lenkachse rancher harvester machine is pulling skretne's wheel tank 2 t automatic routing guide autotomatic digging depth adjustment torpedoes propelled hydraulically toe cleaning marcher plaque tape tap...

                        Srem, Poland
                      • 2003 ASA 25 WH-K

                            incl. 19% tax excl. shipping costs shipping time: 1 week 1 x ' integrated bend, universal pritsche, very good condition (all data without guarantee)

                            Riedstadt, Germany