• 2015 ATH Heinl ATH M72 tire changing machine

    $2,117 - Erkrath, Germany
    • Manufacturer: ATH Heinl

    tire changer with pneumatic rear swivel new warp-resistant design with high-precision laser cutting processing hammertone powder coating, highly resistant clamping range outside 9-26, 3 way adjusta...

  • 2015 ATH HEINL ATH M92 fully automatic tire changer

    $7,857 - Erkrath, Germany
    • Manufacturer: ATH HEINL

    automatic joystick controlled and leverless reifenmontierma machine with pneumatic rear schwenker new rigid construction with high-precision laser cut processing. hammer powder coating, highly resi...

  • 2015 ATH Heinl ATH M32, ATH A30, ATH W42 wheel balancer & tire changer set3

    $3,651 - Erkrath, Germany
    • Manufacturer: ATH Heinl

    comfortable tire fitting and comfortable thanks to hilfsmontagearm balancing with the proven ath 2d technology. high quality from years of experience. topp- tire changer ath m32 with auxiliary arm ...