• 2007 Autec

    $1,311 - Trumau, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Divers

    for this offer, no description text is available in your language. there are descriptions in the following languages: german

  • Crane San Marco 16 x 25

    $5,340 - Abruzzo, Italy
    • Manufacturer: Marco

    sale x-use tower crane san marco 16 x 25 with a handheld remote control autec, in excellent condition, visible in rosciano (pe) .gru currently disassembled and is functioning in all. testing asl re...

  • Crane Cattaneo CM 74A

    $16,020 - Piedmont, Italy Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Cattaneo

    crane galvanized erecting in excellent conditions under hook height mt 20,00; mt 30,00 arm with a flow rate at the tip of 800 kg and 2,200 kg maximum. rubber new seeds. ropes, engines and cart in o...

  • Hydromatic crane

    $10,573 - Faenza, Italy
    • Manufacturer: Hydromatic

    lot 10 crane hydromatic mod. alpha a806; autec radio mod. md01 / 22a1; n.4 support blocks in c.a ..

  • Cranes' brand to hack tower fm 12/40 city

    $6,408 - Florence, Italy Recently Added

      sell crane 'tower brand mod fm 12/40 city with carriage and weights basic rotation high and completely sabbiata riverniciata documents full remote control and receiver autec height mt 22 arm mt 40 ...

    • 2006 FM Gru 1245 CTY 1245 CTY

      No price - Rome, Italy
      • Manufacturer: FM Gru

      weight control push-button radio control manipulator autec building tower cranes, self-erecting cranes

    • Crane benedini 28 meters

      No price - Padua, Italy Recently Added

        as photos and any vision test 28 meters 1000kg tip 2000kg to 15.5m transportable on carrellone street without disassembling the arm as it is the model with folded arms on one side and not above pre...

      • Gru Cattaneo CM80

        No price - Bulciago, Italy
        • Manufacturer: Cattaneo

        construction crane cattaneo self-erecting hydraulic technical features: height 18 m arm 25 mt flow tip 600 kg low rotation equipped with remote control autec vega availability crane cattaneo cm80 r...

      • 1995 Potain HD40A

        No price - Berlin, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Potain
        • Model: HD40A

        one used self-erecting crane hd40a yom 1995 the crane is in good maintenance condition! the crane technical features are the following: jib 35m, maximum load 4t, load at the nose of the jib 1t, ...

      • F.M. 618 i

        No price - Villafranca di Verona, Italy Recently Added

          construction cranes used branded f.m. mod. 618 the galvanized hydraulic low rotation monotrifase with aerial opening of the arm, outreach mt. 18 mt height. 16.5 kg capacity at the tip. 600 kg maxim...