• Baader 51 SkinnerRelated goods

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      year: 1984 estado: bueno, trabajando baader 51 es un desollador para filetes cortados de pescado blanco, bacaladilla, halibut y pescado rojo. esta máquina se apodera de la piel sin corte inicial de...

    • Baader 605 – Bone separator

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        the machine can gently separate meat from waste components, like a bones, veins and skin. it processes fish, deboned turkey drumsticks, chicken backs, legs, wings, tails and necks, turkey and chick...

      • Heading machine Baader 421

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          man. year: 1980s condition: good capacity: 28 fish per minute water consumption: 12 l/min staff: 1 person dimensions (lxwxh): 1350x1000x1270 mm weight: 660 kg print out

        • Baader 166 - Gutting machine

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            small whitefish heading and gutting machine man. year: overhauled in 2012 condition: perfect this machine operates according to the same procedure as the baader 162, however, within the range of sm...

          • Baader 997 bone separator

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              baader 997 bone separator condition: very good with feeding hopperhopper capacity: 300 ltotal power: 3,5 kwdimensions: 1500 mm x 1960 mm x 1300 mmdrum with holes 3 mm   print out

            • Baader 140 - Gutting machine

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                this machine is used for gutting fish of a life weight from 240-650 gr. the abdominal  cavity is opened with a clean cut and the guts including the kidney are completely removed by means of vacuum ...

              • Filleting machine Baader 580

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                  man year: 2003 condition: working this filleting machine processes catfish and tilapia. after readjusting is able to process cod, saithe, haddock and similar white fish species.   working range: 30...

                • Baader 56 - Skinner for Herring

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                    condition: working this machine is designed for being directly attached to the herring filleting machines baader 235 and 36. it receives the butterfly fillets, removes the dark fatty layer along th...

                  • 1993 Baader 200 Filleting machine

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                      filleting machine for salmon and troutman. year: 1993 (9000 running hours, before overhauling)condition: good this machine processes gutted and headed fish with and without collar bones. it can be ...

                    • 1980 Baader 189 Filleting machine

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                        man. year: 1980's condition: good, working this machine processes cod, pollack, haddoch, hake employing well proved system with high fillet yield. fish from 40 to 85 cm (0,6 - 4, 5 kg gutted with h...