• Bausch and Lomb microscope

    No price - Washington, WV, USA Recently Added

      used bausch and lomb microscope notes: f*n* | division: semiconductor equipment | condition info: good | number of units: 1

    • Bausch & Strobel AFV1010

      No price - Woonsocket, RI, USA
      • Manufacturer: Strobel

      for every shape and size available on the market, bausch + ströbel can provide practical and reliable machines for every capacity range. optimum efficiency is achieved by integrating the machines i...

    • 2009 Bausch+Stroebel ME510

      No price - Cleveland, OH, USA
      • Manufacturer: Bausch+Stroebel

      used bausch+stroebel tray loader, model me510, stainless steel product contact surfaces, with feed conveyor, serial# 54340, built 2009, with model rtf 700 accumulation feed table, 28" diameter tabl...

    • 2011 Bausch+Stroebel KFM12024

      No price - Cleveland, OH, USA
      • Manufacturer: Bausch+Stroebel

      unused bausch+stroebel autoinjector filling line consisting of the following: model kwm1636 cartridge washer, model qts1245 transverse conveyor, bzv1020 bin and feed unit, model lfo9060 laminair fl...

    • Bausch & Lomb Microzoom II microscope with mount for Micromanipulator 6200.

      $3,500 - Salem, MA, USA
      • Manufacturer: Micromanipulator

      bausch & lomb microzoom ii microscope with mount for micromanipulator 6200. with 10 power eyepieces and 2.25 & 8 power objectives

    • Bausch & Lomb Zyoptix XP Microkeratome

      $14,000 - Tampa, FL, USA Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb

      “fully serviced by our trained b&l engineer! system is complete as shown below and working to specifications. we ship worldwide! we also have extra heads, rings, and accessories available at a disc...

    • Bausch & Strobel Cleaner Pharmaceutical FAW1002 5D0505

      No price - Carol Stream, IL, USA Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Strobel

      rotary vial cleaning system capable of speeds up to 60 vials per minute. seven internal wfi rinsing stations and two external washes to sanitize vials in ranges from 10-500 ml, equipped with silico...

    • Bausch & Strobel Pharmaceutical Trayer ME502 5C4992

      No price - Carol Stream, IL, USA Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Strobel

      automatic, single lane, dual station trayer designed to handle stable containers up to 80mm diameter x 300mm high at speeds rated up to 1200 transverse displacements per hour. system utilizes a mod...

    • Bausch & Strobel Filler Liquid Monoblock KSF1020 5C7691

      No price - Carol Stream, IL, USA Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Strobel

      bausch & stroble model ksf1020, automatic rotary stainless steel, filler and stoppering machine rated from 10 to 60 containers per minute – depending on materials and application. fill range: up to...

    • Bausch & Lomb Stereo Microscope with 10X

      No price - Mississauga, Canada Recently Added

        bausch & lomb stereo microscope with 10x wf eye pieces, 1x-7x objective lenses, light, and adjustable stand and base