• Baxter Mitral 1162

    No price - Mundelein, IL, USA
    • Baxter SP Brand Multifuge Centrifuge C1387-1

      $995 - Golden Valley, MN, USA
      • Manufacturer: Baxter

      catalog # c1387-1

    • Baxter I Pump Infusion Pump

      No price - Mundelein, IL, USA
      • Baxter TruCal Simulator / Tester 59PXCAL

        No price - Mundelein, IL, USA
        • BAXTER ROBOT

          $19,900 - Sanford, FL, USA Recently Added

            baxter robot, used equipped with: 2 arms torso head integrated vision system saftey system mobile pedestal product auto id:  1608 price:  $19,900

          • Baxter Scientific Cryofuge Centrifuge

            No price - Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA
            • Manufacturer: Baxter

            baxter scientific model 7640 cryofuge 6000 centrifuge, serial number 172794, programmable control with accel/decal, speed/rcf, rotor/radius, time/delay, temperature, quick stop made in 1991 stock n...

          • Baxter Heraeus Biofuge 13 with Rotor

            $750 - San Diego, CA, USA
            • Manufacturer: Heraeus

            this baxter heraeus biofuge 13 is in excellent condition and comes with a rotor. the rotor speed is up to 17000 rpm and it's run time is 1 to 99 minutes with the option to hold continuously.


            No price - Cleveland, OH, USA
            • Manufacturer: Baxter

            one (1) used baxter scientific incubator, american gold series, model is-81, approx. 10 cu. ft. capacity.

          • Baxter Scientific Constant Temperature Oven DK-43

            $1,500 - San Diego, CA, USA
            • Manufacturer: Baxter Scientific

            included: racks and adjustable brackets (as shown)

          • Baxter SSU1775AUA 184800324

            No price - Minneapolis, MN, USA Recently Added
            • Manufacturer: Baxter

            this unit has been powered and does reach temps of -69 degees c. this is a -70 freezer and goes down to -69 c. 115 volts 11.0 amps 5 doors on the inside, one of the doors has been replaced with a ...