• Baxter Scientific Cryofuge Centrifuge

    • Manufacturer: Baxter

      baxter scientific model 7640 cryofuge 6000 centrifuge, serial number 172794, programmable control with accel/decal, speed/rcf, rotor/radius, time/delay, temperature, quick stop made in 1991 stock number: dpm-1356

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      Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA
    • Centrifuge Baxter Scientific Products Biofuge 13 Model 3637

      • Manufacturer: Baxter Scientific Products Biofuge 13

        good working condition

        Mascouche, Canada
      • Baxter / Scientific Products S8223-1 S/P Vortexer

        • Manufacturer: Baxter / Scientific Products

          features analog control, touch operation, variable speed knob, 110-120v, 60hz.

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          Mountain View, CA, USA
        • Baxter H2025-1A Multi-Blok Heater

              the baxter scientific h2025-1a multi-blok heater provides dry heating for cuvettes, microcentrifuge tubes, titer plates and test tubes of various sizes.

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              East Lyme, CT, USA
            • Baxter Biofuge A Centrifuge Model 1217 with Rotor

                  the baxter scientific biofuge a centrifuge model 1217 with rotor unit powers-up and rotates up to 13,000 rpm smooth and quietly. the lid safety latch locks while the rotor is in motion. the unit responds to both ...

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                  East Lyme, CT, USA
                • Baxter H2025-5A Multi-Blok Heater

                      the baxter scientific h2025-5a multi-blok heater operates at 115 vac, 200 watts, and 1.6 amps. the thermostats work on both the high and low range. this heater typically operates over a temperature range from 5 d...

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                      East Lyme, CT, USA
                    • Baxter Heraeus Biofuge 13 Centrifuge Model 3637 with Rotor Cat No. 3743

                      • Manufacturer: Caterpillar

                        the baxter scientific heraeus biofuge 13 centrifuge model 3637 with rotor cat no. 3743 is a compact general purpose centrifuge with brushless induction drive, quick-run function, and a lid lock. additionally, the...

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                        East Lyme, CT, USA
                      • Baxter Scientific Constant Temperature Oven DK-43

                        • Manufacturer: Baxter Scientific

                          included: racks and adjustable brackets (as shown)

                          San Diego, CA, USA
                        • Baxter Heraeus Biofuge 13 with Rotor

                          • Manufacturer: Heraeus

                            this baxter heraeus biofuge 13 is in excellent condition and comes with a rotor. the rotor speed is up to 17000 rpm and it's run time is 1 to 99 minutes with the option to hold continuously.

                            San Diego, CA, USA
                          • Lab, Refrig, Cyro, Baxter, S/st, 5 Compartment

                                lab, baxter scientific products cryo fridge, model ssu1786aba. unit complete with two compressors, 115 volt, single phase, 15.2 amps . unit is 5 compartment, 4 shelves per compartment, stainless steel shelves....

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                                San Dimas, CA, USA