• 1994 Bazzoli BT 420

    $2,923 - Tramelan, Switzerland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: BT Equipment

    manure crane equipment: 3 tractor hitch points. arm of 4 meters. hydraulic central. 1 manure fork, 1 bucket 40 cm.


    $3,022 - Verona, Italy

      with aspiration system - open rear van door - inspected

    • Shopping Forest REM 50q with crane ICAR BAZZOLI

      $18,349 - Marliana, Italy Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: REM

      forestry trailer rem 50 quintals with steering drawbar. on the trolley a bazzoli icar 3600 is mounted.

    • Bazzoli 4200

      No price - Limburg, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Bazzoli

      transaction: for sale | margin / vat: margin

    • 1998 BAZZOLI

      No price - Kirchdorf in Tirol, Austria

        nice condition !!!; electric motor, zw drive; 7,4m crane; item number: 758748

      • 2003 ICAR Bazzoli ICAR BAZZOLI B6S

        No price - Purgstall an der Erlauf, Austria Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: ICAR Bazzoli

        rear crane with seat, incl. shovel for conversion to rear dredger; pliers opening width: 1.05 m; item number: 4822

      • Icar Bazzoli onbekend

        No price - Echteld, Netherlands
        • Manufacturer: Onbekend

        water wagon contents approximately 5,000 liter for questions please call or e-mail +31 (0) 344-722902

      • 2015 ICAR Bazzoli IB35.Z60 Forest crane for three-point cultivation

        $28,307 - Buttisholz, Switzerland
        • Manufacturer: ICAR Bazzoli

        forest crane foldable in z-shape, for three-point attachment with mech. lock, parallel supports hydraulically extendable, extension arm with hydr. single telescope, high seat with ladder, operation...

      • Bazzoli mesttank 4500 Liter

        No price - Klimmen, Netherlands
        • Manufacturer: Bazzoli

        horsmans bv is located in the southern limburg climbing and supplier of tractors, agricultural machinery and "horse equipment". hors bv mans since 1980 working in the agricultural mechanization. ...

      • 1983 Bazzoli B 6S

        No price - Schangnau, Switzerland
        • Manufacturer: Bazzoli

        good condition with mistzange incl. grablöffel, hydr. support feet arm length 4m