• 1980 Beilhack -Schneepflug PEV 260

    $4,032 - Bad Fallingbostel, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Beilhack

    hydr, hebe. -u. countersinks, hydr, swinging gear, lighting, support brackets, rubber braid, spritzschutzgummi, geräteplatte gr. 3, rail length 3,0 m still other snow plows to choose from!

  • 1991 Beilhack Schneepflug

    $3,637 - Germany
    • Manufacturer: Beilhack

    - beilhack schneepflug, 3.60 m wide - country: germany | division: farm equipment

  • Beilhack Schneepflug PV 34-4

    $3,818 - Langelsheim, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Beilhack

    schneepflug beilhack pv 34-4, attachment to tractor, truck, unimog, wheel loader, hydrl. lateral adjustment, hydrl. excavation, wind deflector, lighting, 3,4 mtr clearing width, good condition

  • Beilhack PEV-220/221

    $3,488 - Erndtebrück, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Beilhack

    very good kept beilhack-schneepflug, shield width-2,5m clearing width 2,2m. mounting plate-gr3, hy. swinging corundum scrapers, plow lighting, parking supports.

  • 1996 Schmidt Beilhack Schneepflug PV291 MAN Mercedes

    $3,102 - Germany
    • Manufacturer: Schmidt

    4-piece segmentpflug with a clearing width of 2.90 meters, external width ca 3.30 meters. equipped with mounting plate, lifting cylinder, hydr. side adjustment, wind deflector, lighting, etc. goo...

  • 1989 Schmidt Unimog U90 Schneepflug Beilhack PV20F3

    $3,199 - Germany
    • Manufacturer: Schmidt

    beautiful snow plow with little operational hours ideal for unimog u90 or u 407 / u 421 with mounting plate gr.1, hydr. side adjustment, lifting cylinder, wind deflector, lighting, removable feet...

  • 1998 MB Trac Schneepflug Beilhack PV30-4 MAN no Schmidt

    $3,958 - Germany
    • Manufacturer: Mb trac

    truck snow plow, clearance width 3,00 meter, outer width 3,40 meter, with lifting cylinder, mounting plate gr.5, hydr. side adjustment, lighting, windscreens, skids, etc. more 30 truck snow plo...

  • 1992 Unimog Beilhack PV28-3 Schneepflug JCB MAN Fendt

    $4,065 - Germany
    • Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz

    3-piece segmentpflug with a clearing width of 2.80 meters, outside width 3.20 meters, hydr. side adjustment, lifting cylinder, mounting plate, lighting, skids, windshield, new.weld rails good te...

  • 1990 Mercedes-Benz 1417 AK 4x4 WINTER SERVICE PFLUGSTREUER TOP

    $22,660 - Himmelkron, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz
    • Mileage: 179,300 km

    mercedes benz 1417 ak from 1st hand (authorities vehicle) winter service vehicle with all - wheel drive and diff.-sperr, untersetzer, 2 kreis kommunalhydraulik, plow mounting plate, winterdienstbel...

  • Unimog

    $123,244 - Kirchheim bei München, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz
    • Hours: 2 Hrs

    b42: two - line trailer brake system c71: fuel tank lockable c77: anti-lateral protection c87: exhaust pipe upwards d08: front mounting plate en15432-1, type f2 d22: multifunctional box d50: rear m...