• Bell&Howell KM 821.1 Fleximailer

    $2,772 - Pyrbaum, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Bell&Howell

    flеximailer with 1 handfeeder and 1 automatic feeder - refurbished - 646522 inserts (counter) - both clutch shafts refurbished - new painted gesit0smzqk

  • Bell+Howell CEXP-06 Solo Mail Inserter

    No price - Ismaning, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Bell+Howell

    speed: up to 10.000 cycles/h envelope size: up to c5 modules: 6 enclosure stations additions: cleaned and painted fn8pduhilhh

  • 2002 Bell & Howell VPO 04 inserter

    No price - Hardt, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Bell & Howell

    bеll & howell inserter he system is ready and can be tested at any time with us. the anlagebei an authority as a backup facility and until recently under full maintenance, so in a very clean condit...

  • 1996 Bell & Howell B H Poststar/MWT

    No price - Holthusen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Bell & Howell

    6 stations swingarm machine new electrik plc 9xgnuuuwpa

  • 2016 Bell Howell Poststar XPO 6 Enveloping

    No price - Hamburg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Bell Howell

    we are no machine dealer, we sell with advice and service.wir set up the machine and accompanied at the produktion.neue or reconditioned inserters, also with comparison reading up on anfrage.tip: b...

  • Bell & Howell/MWT inserter

    No price - Holthusen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Bell & Howell/MWT

    2 gripper stations machine obsolete electrics new condition info: used machine obsolete / ready

  • 1999 Bell &Howell/MWT Jumbo

    No price - Holthusen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Bell &Howell/MWT

    6 enclosure stations online channel with reading for cut sheet feeder shuttle as envelope feeder new electrical and electronic plc control new reading systems integrated belt turner

  • 2016 Bell&Howell / Pitney Bowes XPV-06-TO VITESSE

    No price - Pyrbaum, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Bell&Howell / Pitney Bowes

    rеfurbished gripper arm machine type bell&howell vitesse c5 xpv-06-to 6 intelligent gripper arms iga 1 evelope feeder type "hopper" 1 operatorpanel (perfect for lettershops) original bell&howell co...

  • 2016 Pitney Bowes (Bell+Howell) XPV-04-TO Vitesse C5 SYSTEM

    No price - Pyrbaum, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Pitney Bowes (Bell+Howell)

    workshop rеfurbished systeminserter pitney bowes / bell+howell vitesse c5 -system - cem - cutter - 2 cameras integrated in the cem cutter - tos 90 (turn over sequencer) - dualdeck accumulator for f...

  • 2016 Bell&Howell (Pitney Bowes) XPO-06-TO POSTSTAR

    No price - Pyrbaum, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Bell&Howell (Pitney Bowes)

    refurbished inserting machine poststar xpo-06-to - 6 insertstations with gripper arms - envelope hopper - panel operation - turn over i m m e d i a t e l y a v a i l a b l e hx2fckn7lh9