• 2012 Caprari Beregenings pomp

    $5,398 - Voerendaal, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Caprari

    state machine: good sprinkling pump for 50 to 60 cubic meters per hour little used (100 hours?) with schakkel cabinet sofstart if state working there, disassemble itself. nico frijns ton kerckhof...

  • 2016 Beinlich beregenings pomp

    No price - Weert, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Beinlich

    state machine: new new beinlich irx-085 4 cylinder engine irrigation. the engine is a fpt. there is a seven-stage rovatti pump this may nominally at 1400 rpm be irrigated. in addition, the engi...

  • Forras 450-110 beregenings kanon

    No price - Lettele, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Forras

    forras 450-110 sprinkling cannon built in 2011 with stationary motor and pump hose length is 450 meters in diameter 110 price: on request

  • Full coverge irrigtio Beilich Mosum 3000 II

    No price - Duizel, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Beinlich

    beinlich monsum 3000 ii beregeningshaspel bouwjaar: 2016 conditie: nieuw lengte: 470 meter diameter: 125 aandrijving: ketting banden: 15.0-55/17 automatische afslag hydraulische draaikrans, hydraul...