• 2012 Bernhard Co ED400DX/AM4000

    $42,000 - Boynton Beach, FL Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Bernhard Co

    set of vip bernhard grinders. ed4000dx reel grinder and am4000 bedknife grinder. 6 years of warranty remaining. vip bernhard grinder set

  • Bernhard Co Express Dual Reel Grinder

    $5,000 - Boynton Beach, FL
    • Manufacturer: Bernhard Co

    as-is stock num: x018093 | subcategory 2: grinders & debris collection | public category: grinders & debris collection

  • Bernhard Co AM

    $8,400 - Wooster, OH
    • Manufacturer: Bernhard Co AM

    automated cutting unit bedknife grinder. 161 hours - very little use. new stone and bearings. serviced by certified factory-trained technician. completly automated cutting unit bedknife grinder new...

  • Bernhard Co ED

    $14,500 - Wooster, OH
    • Manufacturer: Bernhard Co ED

    refurbished reel grinder w/ lift table. 150 hrs. new stone and fork. completely serviced by bernhard factory-trained technician. cutting unit reel grinder - completely automated. refurbished. excel...

  • Bernhard Co Express Dual

    $25,900 - Wooster, OH
    • Manufacturer: Bernhard Co Express Dual

    like-new express dual 4000 reel grinder. low hours(73). sound- deadening cabinet/cover. electric lift table. sound-deadening cabinet like new electric lift table