• BGU 8,5to

    $1,035 - Wiesmath, Austria Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: BGU

    bgu meters splitter with swivel table gap length 54cm with aufschiebarem wider gap wedge for tractor with pto power pump three point linkage and foot control. more opening width (cm): 54

  • BGU SM 500/2E

    $2,995 - Langenboom, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: BGU

    bgu sm 500 / 2e wood clover double hydraulic pump, high front and back speed hydraulically adjustable four-piece clipping knife drive: 400 volts 5 pole clutch force: 9 tons clutch: 1.05 mtr. ...

  • BGU FSW 6.5H

    $4,795 - Langenboom, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: BGU

    bgu fsw 6.5 h forestry winch de forestry winch with a patented cable grinding technique. by pulling off the cable, the braking band is fully released via a mobile cable guide. the harder or less...

  • BGU KS 700 E

    $1,986 - Bühl, Germany
    • Manufacturer: BGU

    a demonstration at our company premises or you will be convinced by the performance of this saw at your premises !! m. energiespararmotor 3-phase 400volt p1 s6 5,5kw / 40% ed m. hm sheet 700mm diam...

  • BGU Profi-cut PC 704 EZ/4

    $4,602 - Langenboom, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: BGU

    professional firewood circular saw with drain conveyor. bgu profi-cut pc 704 ez / 4 drive: 400 volt 5 pole or tractor power take off from 25 hp. transport: three-point suspension tractor if with...

  • BGU SSA 310

    $8,676 - Beelen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: BGU

    forestry and wood technology / combined woodworking machines: firewood automat ssa 310 evolution. combi-machine with drive from the tractor via an articulated shaft and via electric motor 9 kw7400 ...

  • 2004 BGU SSA 310 Z Sawing and automatic gating

    $11,782 - Wintersingen, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: BGU
    • Hours: 22

    condition: very good very little needed three-point mounting with pto shaft or electric motor conveyor belt 3.8 m hinged gap cross and 6-slit wedge saw blade 750 mm, trunk thickness 300 mm, cutting...

  • 2004 BGU SSA 310 Automat Cutting Splitter Sawing Splitter

    $8,787 - Ermensee, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: BGU

    not much needed . ready to use from service. oil change and leaf is sharpened. the pictures are still available. the machine was always dry

  • 2011 BGU GSE 242 Combi (400V) 9kW

    $4,514 - Susten, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: BGU

    only used for demonstration purposes incl. 30mt pur cable 5x2,5mm2 and 2 euro plug + coupling negotiation price

  • BGU Maschinen SSA 310 EZ 42408

    No price - Steffenberg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: BGU

    offer: used net price (excluding vat): on request gross price (incl. vat): on request pto and electric drive, conveyor 4m, fully functional