• 2017 Stoll Bigbag Heber

    $928 - Westerhorn, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Stoll
  • 2016 Remprodex Bigbag Füller, Jumbosackfüllgerät, Kistenfüller

    $5,145 - Mettingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Remprodex

    big bag filling device model i designed to fill a big bag by means of an immersed drainage device. a sensor at the bottom of the halyard ensures that the halyard sails continuously with the fill ...

  • 2015 SKALS Bigbag Füller, Jumbosackfüllgerät, Kistenfüller KSF640

    $13,319 - Mettingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: SKALS

    jumbosack / crate filling machine from skals / dk. this filling machine is designed for simple and gentle filling of big bags and crates up to max. 1000 kg and consists of: infeed belt with a con...

  • 2015 Mechatec dubbele kisten bigbag vuller Flowmaster k

    $27,424 - Tollebeek, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Mechatec

    mechatec flowmaster dual boxes and big bag filler with top cross belt. 2 ton weighing system with automatic downshift from the upper belt speed to turn down the exact weight. level sensor for aut...

  • Noblat SAB1200

    $6,899 - Martiel, France Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Noblat

    sableuse tractée noblat sab1200 sableuse professionnelle, largeur de travail 150cm. capacité 1200l dans sa version de base vendue avec rehausses de 40cm de fabrication maison pour pouvoir contenir...

  • Stor sekkeløfter gaffel BBF 3000 kg Dobbel arm 238x75 mm innvendig

    $1,498 - Rogaland, Norway

      with large fork pockets - inner dimension 238x75 mm click here model with standard fork pockets - inner dimension 188x75 mm click here rosa bigbag

    • Sekkeløfter BBH 1000 KG

      $839 - Rogaland, Norway

        new, in stock click here rosa bigbag

      • Stor sekkeløfter BBF 1000 kg

        $959 - Rogaland, Norway

          click here rosa bigbag jan s ground

        • 2016 JP II Abrasive removal system waterjet

          $3,082 - Haßloch, Germany
          • Manufacturer: JET Tools

          abrasiventschlammung for waterjet cutting machine for simple retrofit and expand ihrers existing system. how it works: the suction pipe is attached to any place in the cutting tank to suck the wate...

        • Stor sekkeløfter BBF 1500 KG

          $1,079 - Rogaland, Norway

            stock product jan s ground click here rosa bigbag