• BIM '16

    $3,054 - Nea Moudania, Greece

      company bim moshos following policy for improvement of machinery succeed best mode and other better value euro 3500-2800 chains manufactured for vans and as all machinery company bearing and these ...

    • BIM '16

      $5,454 - Nea Moudania, Greece

        schistiko / wood cutter construction of machines for processing firewood. the machine cuts and rips with a drive and can only be torn by an addition table or placing the timber in an upright positi...

      • BIM '16

        $3,054 - Nea Moudania, Greece

          nea timh and improved operation for manufactured chains vans raising 1200 kilos hydraulic not for vehicle only mechanism

        • BIM '16

          $1,963 - Nea Moudania, Greece

            extortioners italy sold in all its dimensions and manufactured and greek the choice is yours.

          • BIM '16

            $1,635 - Nea Moudania, Greece

              the company bim moschos upon customer requirements and in respect to the current economic situation has designed and built the most economical snowplow knife amateur uses caution on machines not ce

            • bim '16

              $1,854 - Nea Moudania, Greece

                manufacture tachypriona / saw wood for commercial use. triphasic 7,5hp and partikof (pto) cutting capacity 280mm and schistika all machinery company bim moshos have ce and actual dimensions cutting...

              • BIM OT 80 '16

                $15,272 - Nea Moudania, Greece
                  • Mileage: 2 km

                  h bim company with years of experience in lifting equipment designed and manufactured hgv towing mechanism, removable .topotheteite any tractors in minutes capacity to 16000kila .the mechanism is n...

                • BIM shreder '16

                  $11,999 - Nea Moudania, Greece

                    manufacturing machines destruction wood all machines have ce

                  • BIM '16

                    $7,636 - Nea Moudania, Greece

                      tractors for sale tsapaki possibility of adjustment depth sfyras excavated 3m not have licensed operator for operation

                    • 2012 Mitsubishi FGC25N-LP LP Gas Cushion Tire 4 Wheel Sit Down (Indoor Warehouse)

                      No price - Buffalo, NY, USA
                      • Manufacturer: Mitsubishi
                      • Model: FGC25N-LP

                      lps rated 5,000 lb. capacity, 88/200 tsu mast, 36" forks bim dumper-