• Bio Tek ELX405UCWVS ELX405 Select CW Plate Washer

    $6,200 - Woburn, MA
    • Manufacturer: Bio Tek

    bio-tek elx405 select ucwvs plate washer with optional accessories available excellent used condition. 30 day money back guarantee!!! acce ... read more

  • Bio-Tek Instruments, Inc Synergy HT

    $11,999 - San Diego, CA
    • Manufacturer: Bio-Tek Instruments, Inc

    the biotek synergy ht is a multi-mode microplate reader. this instrument is the perfect solution for all absorbance, fluorescence, and luminescence measurement needs. this instrument features top a...

  • Bio-Tek Instruments EL 340 Automated Microplate Reader

    $1,950 - Freehold Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: Bio-Tek Instruments

    automated microplate reader. designed to measure the optical density of solutions in 96-well microplates. single or dual wavelength selection. wavelength range: 340 nm to 750 nm. manuals and softwa...

  • Bio-Tek ELx405 Microplate Washer

    $3,600 - Hayward, CA

      number of wash cycles: 1 - 10 dispense volume: 25 - 3000µl/well bio-tek elx405 accommodates all 96-well microplates soak time: 1 - 600 sec. rs232 interface comes with a set of feed and waste bottle

    • Bio-Tek ELx808 Microplate Reader

      $4,000 - Hayward, CA

        standard set of filters: 405, 450, 550, 630 photometric range: 0.0-3.0 au bio-tek elx808 has wavelength range of 400 - 750 nm modes: single wavelength or dual wavelength accomodates: 6, 12, 24, 48,...

      • Bio-Tek EL404 Microplate Washer

        $1,600 - Hayward, CA

          up to 9 cycles dispense volume: 100 - 100 µl accepts 96-well microplates soak/incubate time up to 600 sec. programmable aspiration depth

        • Bio-Tek ELx800 Microplate Reader

          $2,300 - Hayward, CA

            read time: 30 seconds single wavelength standard set of filters: 405, 450, 550, 630 wavelength range - 400-750 nm. photometric range: 0.0-3.0 au modes: single wavelength or dual wavelength accomoda...

          • Bio-Tek PowerWave X Plate Reader

            $595 - Golden Valley, MN
            • Manufacturer: Biotek

            the powerwave xs microplate spectrophotometer is a single channel absorbance microplate reader that has the capability of measuring absorbance in 96- and 384-well microplates

          • BioTek 405 LS / 405LSR R Microplate Washer

            $9,750 - Oceanside, CA Recently Added
            • Manufacturer: International

            biotek 405 ls microplate washer new! current fisher scientific retail list: $14,030.00 this is a new open box bio-tek 405lsr microplate washe ... read more

          • Maxtec MAX-2 Oxygen Cell

            No price - San Diego, CA
            • Manufacturer: Johnson

            this maxtec max-2 o2 cell (#r107p20) is compatible with a variety of anesthesia systems (see below). *note: can only be shipped within the u.s.warranty: 2 year shelf life. maxtec max-2 o2 cell sp...