• Biorad FPLC System

        biorad fplc system, warranmted and working, includes econo pump, econo uv monitor, econo 2110 fraction collector- in excellent condition and very compact

        No price
        Manasquan, NJ, USA
      • BIORAD AS 100T Automatic Sampling System

            biorad as 100t automatic sampling system, programmable for a maximum of 100 chromatographic samples- can control injection time, probe washing, sample tray size random access programming and automatic shut offwit...

            No price
            Manasquan, NJ, USA
          • BioRad Case with Blue Tube feed

            • Manufacturer: Bio-Rad

              biorad case with blue tube feed manufacturer: bio-rad model: product code: 205764 biorad case with blue tube feed

              No price
              Woonsocket, RI, USA
            • BioRad Excalibur FTS 3000 Infrared Spectrometer

              • Manufacturer: Excalibur

                biorad excalibur fts 3000 infrared spectrometer. analytical instrument used to measure infrared spectrum of research samples. benchtop unit. 25x27x14 inches. unit is in working condition s/n: 010-0221-0025

                No price
                Newark, DE, USA
              • BioRad Chef Mapper

                    biorad chef mapper - serial no. 801br2188 - dimension: 12" x 22" x 12" - unit is in working condition

                    No price
                    Wilmington, DE, USA
                  • Bio-Rad Laboratories BioLogic DuoFlow BioRad -- Liquidation

                    • Manufacturer: Bio-Rad

                      the biologic duoflow family of chromatography systems offers flexibility with multiple system configurations, many optional upgrades, and a common sof ...

                      $8,400 (USD)
                      Gainesville, FL, USA
                    • Bio-Rad Laboratories BioPlex 200 System Imager BioRad

                      • Manufacturer: Bio-Rad

                        the bio-plex® 200 system is a suspension array system which offers protein and nucleic acid researchers a reliable multiplex assay solution t ...

                        $16,000 (USD)
                        Gainesville, FL, USA
                      • Bio-Rad, Luminex 200 BioRad Bio-Plex Flow Cytometer system w/Bio-Plex Manager 6.1

                        • Manufacturer: Bio-Rad

                          priced $11,995.00 biorad (luminex) bio-plex 200 flow cytometer system w/bio-plex manager 6.1 internal part number 10860 if you buy bio- ...

                          $11,995 (USD)
                          Walpole, MA, USA
                        • Bio-Rad Molecular Imager FX Pro Plus multiimager system with Screen Eraser and BioRAD Vacuum Pump

                          • Manufacturer: Bio-Rad

                            system type fluorescent/storage fluorescent scanner fluorescent/storage storage phosphor imager phosphor multiimager phosphor multiimager excitation 20 mw 532 nm (green), 20 mw 532 nm, 20 mw 532/1,064 nm (green/f...

                            $5,995 (USD)
                            Golden Valley, MN, USA
                          • Bio-Rad Laboratories Automated Droplet Generator #1864101 BIORAD

                            • Manufacturer: Bio-Rad

                              bio-rad automated droplet generator #1864101 bio rad biorad ...

                              $13,000 (USD)
                              Anaheim, CA, USA

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