• 2015 Perfect BKM 180

    • Manufacturer: Perfect

      universal mallets - bkm coniferous cultivator with doublebock and low construction due to their low and compact, but particularly strong design, these flail mowers are very suitable for crushing cut wood in fruit...

      Oberteuringen, Germany
    • 1977 FRÖHLING/BKM Slitting

      • Manufacturer: FRÖHLING/BKM

        2 coil rests underfloor coil carriage double-cone decoiler mandrel diameter: 500 - 900 mm coil opener crop shear i 2 slitting stands shaft diameter: 275 mm blade diameter: 400 - 360 mm looping pit equipment with ...

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        Freudenberg, Germany
      • 1982 FIM/BKM Slitting

        • Manufacturer: FIM/BKM

          coil carriage decoiler with shifting baseplate and hold-down device mandrel-ø (with segments): 508/610/712 mm expansion range: 480 - 510 mm strip edge control coil opener / pinch roll unit / leveller no. of pinch...

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          Freudenberg, Germany
        • 2007 FABSCO LLP 531-D20822A Heat Exchangers

          • Manufacturer: FABSCO LLP

            new surplus; mfg. by fabsco llp; yr: 2007; nb: 5193; sn: 207-9577-12; wt: 51,636 lbs; drawings and code papers on file.

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            Houston, TX, USA
          • 1998 BKM-GMB Pressure filler 40/10 0617

            • Manufacturer: BKM Nagema

              bkm-gmb pressure filler 40/10 with 40 filling valves and 10 head aluminium screw capper running direction: from left to right capacity: 8.000 b/h by 0,5 ltr bottles year of manufacture: 1998

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              Burgwald, Germany
            • 2015 Bauer BKM

              • Manufacturer: Bauer

                bauer swing containers, easy to use, robust, versatile, attachable to the forklift at your disposal through unilift a few points -stability due to robust structure -mobility: possibility to attach wheels - ea...

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              • 1999 Complete PET-filling line 6.000bph based on 0,5 ltr. Pet bottles 0674

                • Manufacturer: BKM Nagema

                  complete pet filling line capacity: appr. 6.000 bph based on 0,5 ltr. pet bottles appr. 5.000 bph based on 1,5 ltr. pet bottles capping: pco 28 mm 1810 plastic screw cap labelling: pre-cutted labels with hot glue...

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                  Burgwald, Germany
                • SCHLEE BKM 100 pyramid cake machine

                  • Manufacturer: SCHLEE

                    for semi automatic production of pyramid cakes working width 1000 mm consisting of: 6 x roller mountings electric heating, temperature controlling, dip tube 2 x wall racks for the rolls 55 rollers 1 x adjustable...

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                    Willich, Germany
                  • Baumkuchenmaschine from Schlee

                        bkm 50 with mobile undercarriage several rollers gas purchases gas connection (natural gas, no propane!) completely overhauled guarantee spoon, large & small comb storage device user manual, etc several machines ...

                        Heiligenhaus, Germany
                      • 1995 Troughing belt shotblastmachine BRÜCK f.pieces Dia60x200mmL

                            type bkm 0.5 / 3000s construction year: 1995 weight + / - 18,000 kg serialnumber: 94/353 auftrag 1020.03 external dimensions: 5000 x 3300 mm x 5200 mm high adapted for parts maxi. ø 60 mm and length 200mm drum le...

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                            Amel, Belgium