• Jydeland Bobman FL 3WD

    $11,257 - Låsby, Denmark

      face real nice and is 100% functional accomplished.


      $14,073 - Rødding, Denmark

        type bsl 3kd13 - m / diet - scraper - joists + disinfection joists

      • 2015 Sonstige Bobman

        No price - Europe
        • 2007 Bobman SL Einstreuer

          $8,941 - Splietsdorf, Germany
          • Manufacturer: Kubota
          • Hours: 3,610 h

          self loading spreading machine - fast and effective! bobman sl is designed for dairy producers which are swept and sprinkled with sawdust or cut straw among the cows have to - quickly and effect...

        • 2013 Bobman Typ 1 BFL 3 HD 10

          $11,440 - Rochau, Germany
          • Manufacturer: Bobman

          bobman for sale to cleanly push from slatted floor, scatter to the box (straw / chips) disinfecting with lime

        • Jydeland Bobman S 3WD Muckyard / Incinerator

          $14,596 - Hanselmann Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH, Switzerland
          • Manufacturer: Jydeland

          scrape the dung - scatter the spreading and re-scatter - clean the slatted floor the morning has gone. the woman sour since the man has no time and the grass is not even mowed although the weather ...

        • 2016 Bobman Per Feed screw

          No price - AGRAR-Service GmbH, Switzerland
          • Manufacturer: Bobman

          bobman pro the practical and good solution to facilitate the feeding physically and to increase the daily increments by turning several times a day the bobman with feed worm pushes (turns) even hea...