• Brookfield DVIII Programmable Rheometer

    $3,400 - Mountain View, CA, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Brookfield

    measures fluid parameters of shear stress and viscosity at given shear rates, speed range 0-250 rpm, with 0.1 rpm increments, viscosity accuracy ±1.0 percent of full scale range for a specific spin...

  • Brookfield LVTD Digital Viscometer

    $3,000 - Mountain View, CA, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Brookfield

    covers the viscosity range from 10 centipoise to 2 million centipoise, viscosity only, 32 ranges with selectable speeds, accuracy of ±1percent of the viscometry range, recommended for low-viscocity...

  • Brookfield RVT Viscometer

    No price - Riverside, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Brookfield

    (loc. maint.) lot: 71 | quantity: 1 | sale date: tbd 2017

  • Brookfield DV2TLVCJ0 (Viscometer), TC-550SD-115 (Bath) TME-3206

    $5,800 - San Jose, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Brookfield

    designed for inks, oils and solvents, the brookfield viscometer, model dv2tlvcj0, measures fluid viscosity, down to low viscosity levels, at given shear rates (in units of reciprocal seconds or 1/...

  • Brookfield TC-500 Refrigerated Circulating Waterbath

    No price - Mountain View, CA, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Brookfield

    -10ºc to 130ºc temperature range, ±0.03ºc temperature stability, digital temperature display, high/low level temperature safety limits, coarse and fine temperature adjustment dials, comes with 1-li...

  • Brookfield Viscometer 9079

    No price - Los Angeles, CA, USA Recently Added

      No price - Cleveland, OH, USA
      • Manufacturer: Brookfield

      one (1) used brookfield linear chart printer. manuals: no | drawings: no | agitated (y/n): no | vacuum rated (y/n): no

    • Brookfield Model TT220 Viscometer Assembly

      No price - Lockerbie, United Kingdom Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Brookfield Ltd

      this is a used brookfield model tt220 viscometer assembly which was previously used in a high profile chocolate & confectionary facility in the uk, currently held in stock at lockerbie, scotland.

    • Brookfield 'LVDVII+Pro ' Viscometer with LV spindle set COLC-EUA438800

      No price - Berkshire, UK Recently Added

        brookfield 'lvdvii+pro ' viscometer with lv spindle set, small sample set and cases. powers up, initialises and turns, otherwise untested by us. includes data cable and temperature probe. , (asset...

      • Brookfield Viscosimeter #4234

        No price - Québec, Canada Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Brookfield

        more? information on request quantity: 1 | info provided: tb