• 2004 Bupi Cleaner PTRA-30/15/15 metal part washer bupicleaner

    $21,312 - Lower Austria, Austria Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Bupi Cleaner

    portal cleaning plant spraying basket commercial dimensions: lxwxh 3.000 x 1.500 x 1500 h mm bela de weight: 2,500 kg 3k8ewsxkf dimensions: lxwxh 9,500 x 5.500 3.500 h mm tank capacity (washing): 2...

  • Bupi Cleaner Junior 1000 Part washer part washer

    $2,952 - Hesse, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Bupi Cleaner

    barca cleaner junior 1000. the washing machine of part of is located in a used condition, the barca cleaner satnd longer time, the machine features a 3d nozzle system, sodasss the components all ev...

  • 2007 BUPI Cleaner DB-5HP-S Cleaning Machine

    No price - Upper Austria, Austria
    • Manufacturer: BUPI Cleaner

    komplette anlage, bwugzd9 part weigth 2,7to, dia. 1500, heigth: 1600,