• Buri O-300 Milchtank

    $18,298 - Ammeter AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Buri

    buri milchtank 0300 1200 l capacity as new new price fri 20'000 further offers can be found at exchange part payment financing possible delivery whole switzerland possible

  • 2006 Buri B747 Transporttank Sparo 600Liter

    $4,099 - Hottwil, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Buri

    transport tank sparo 600liter length: 2.1m width: 1.22m height: 1.6m

  • Buri-Müller Ice water tank 1250L B402

    $9,614 - Hottwil, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Buri-Müller

    mobile system o-300 ice water tank dn 50 outlet, agitator and semi-automatic cleaning power supply 380v control kty dimensions: l: 300cm w: 140cm h: 130cm suitable ice water unit nr .: 403

  • Buri O-600M B758 Transporttank 2500l

    $8,902 - Hottwil, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Buri

    2500l transport tank with semi-automatic laundry dimensions: l: 3.72m, w: 1.6m, h: 1.5m

  • 2007 Buri-Müller O-700 B681 stationary tank 3000l

    $14,589 - Hottwil, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Buri-Müller

    3000l tank stationary compact with buritronic washing machine dimensions: 2.8m, w: 1.53m h: 1.5m (height including cooling unit 2.4m) leased until further notice

  • 2008 Buri-Müller O-600 2550liter B756 Transportation tank

    $9,396 - Hottwil, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Buri-Müller

    ice water milchtank mobile o-600 with buritronic cleaning machine power supply: 230 v dimensions: l: 370cm w: 160cm h: 150cm

  • 2009 Buri-Müller O-500 B752 Müller - Europe wheeled 2150 liters

    $15,084 - Hottwil, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Buri-Müller

    o-500 buri-müller wheeled mobile 2150 liters. with semi-automatic cleaning, control kty, cooling unit scroll r407c length: 3.32m width: 1.6m height1.5m

  • Moro TRV 14 A3 vomere reversibile Ploughs

    $7,938 - Umbria, Italy
    • Manufacturer: National

    working width variable parallelogram complete system tipping, offset, recording between the bodies hydraulic buri increased skimmers power tractors 200-300 hp width. work between the bodies 30-65 d...