• Burleigh WA1100

    $9,750 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Burleigh

    exfo / burleigh wa-1100 optical wavelength meter wa1100 (wa 1100 ) wa-1100 wavemeter optical wavelength meters provide the highest accuracy wavelength measurement, simultaneous power measurement, a...

  • Burleigh WA-7000

    $8,990 - Los Angeles, CA
    • Manufacturer: Burleigh

    you are bidding on an burleigh wa-7000 multi-line wavemeter optical channel analyzer. the wa-7000 multi-line wavemeter combines burleigh’s proven scanning michelson interferometer-based technology ...

  • EXFO Burleigh PCS-6000

    No price - San Diego, CA
    • Manufacturer: EXFO

    exfo burleigh pcs-6000301-5849-bsiinv item id: 3015849 | warranty: 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Exfo WA-1650

    No price - Lake Mary, FL

      exfo wa-1650 details exfo wa-1650exfo-burleigh wa-1650 wavemeter optical wavelength meter is designed for simple, automatic and accurate wavelength measurement of continuous wave (cw) and modu...

    • Exfo WA-2500

      No price - Lake Mary, FL

        exfo wa-2500 details exfo wa-2500exfo-burleigh wa2500 wavemeter the wa-2500 wavemeter jr is an instrument for wavelength measurement of cw laser sources that combines accuracy with ease of u...

      • Exfo WA-7000

        No price - Lake Mary, FL

          exfo wa-7000 details exfo wa-7000exfo-burleigh wa-7000 wavemeter features: the most complete wdm channel analysis simultaneous measurement of as many as 200 optical channels multipl...

        • Exfo WA-7600

          No price - Lake Mary, FL

            exfo wa-7600 details exfo wa-7600 multiline optical channel analyzerexfo-burleigh wa-7600 optical channel analyzer employs proven scanning michelson interferometer-based wavemeter technology ...

          • Exfo WA-7100

            No price - Lake Mary, FL

              exfo wa-7100 details exfo wa-7100exfo-burleigh wa7100 wavemeter wa-7600 and wa-7100 optical channel analyzers employ proven scanning michelson interferometer-based wavemeter technology to det...

            • Exfo WA-1100

              $12,536 - Lake Mary, FL

                exfo wa-1100 details exfo wa-1100 exfo-burleigh wa-1100 wavemeter for r&d manufacturing optical optical wavelength meter the recognized standard for absolute wavelength measurement characteri...

              • EXFO WA-1600

                $11,500 - United States
                • Manufacturer: EXFO

                exfo / burleigh wa-1650 wavelength meter (wa1600) wavelength range: 700 - 1700 nm - wavelength absolute accuracy: ± 0.2 ppm - max input level: 10 dbm - optical input: 9/125 um single-mode fiber con...