• Buyers Salt Dog Salt Dog

    $795 - Carlisle, PA, USA

      salt spreader, 3 pt. hitch, electronic vibrator, 12 volt, stainless steel gate

    • Sellers and Buyers Scrap or Good Aluminum Body

      No price - Tipperary, Ireland

        top price of aluminum body.

      • Genix Hanli HLT-45-1 rotary tablet press D tooled

        $55,000 - Irvine, CA, USA

          1- genix hanli hlt-45-1 rotary tablet press. d tooled with pre compression. single sided machine with variable speed force feeders. rated for 135,000 tablets per hour. pre-comp pressure: 3 tons, ma...

        • Squid Ink coder

          $1,200 - Gardena, CA, USA
          • Manufacturer: Coder

          1-used squid ink coder. model: g4. s/n: 411244. equipped with sq-id2 interface & sq60 print head. 110v/60hz/1p.

        • Mettler Toledo Hi Speed Checkweigher

          $12,000 - Gardena, CA, USA
          • Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo

          1-used mettler toledo hi speed checkweigher. model: sst1100ss-cm. serial: 15481. fits over production lines, superb checkweighing. features: side grip weigh conveyor design, fits over existing prod...

        • Cima Rotary Tablet

          $15,000 - Southern California, CA, USA

            1-cima rotary tablet. model: c-30.  solid dose rotary tablet press. output range: 20,000 tablets per hour. features: paint free compression zone, touch screen hmi with plc controls,  30 station,  d...

          • Natoli Rotary Tablet Press

            $7,000 - Southern California, CA, USA

              1-natoli rotary tablet press. model: np-100. serial: ne-01032. tablets per minute: 1,085-3260 max. tablet dia. 11/16. tons: 4 max. 35 station, b- tooled, keyed turret, double sided machine, open ...

            • Automatic High Speed Encapsulator

              $40,000 - Southern California, CA, USA

                1-automatic high speed encapsulator. mfg in 2005. model: njp2000b. serial: jb20025-2004.  no. 568. automatically fills two piece capsules. output rated at: 2000 a min.  tamping style process. touch...

              • Pack West screw capper Fully automatic In line with cap elevator

                $27,500 - Los Angeles, CA, USA

                  1-pack west screw capper. fully automatic in line with  cap  elevator.  model: auto 200 torquer. serial: t-8-a/c-lr-rm-b1978. mfg: 03/2003. line speeds up to 200 containers per minute.  this capper...

                • Krones Autocol Pressure Sensitive Labeler

                  $35,000 - Los Angeles, CA, USA
                  • Manufacturer: Krones

                  1-krones autocol pressure sensitive labeler. serial: 749-034. application: labelling of glass, plastic, metal and ceramic containers with self-adhesive labels. equipped with wrap belt, screwfeed, o...