• BZT PFX 1000 HD

    $71,107 - Leopoldshöhe, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: BZT

    bzt pfx 1000 hd incl. frame, table 1000 * 740mm traverse ca.y = 1000 x = 850 z = 180mm portalfraese with: clamping surface: 1000 mm x 740 mm clearance z: 250 mm spindles: ballscrews by bosch in all...

  • BZT PFG-S 3020-Servo

    $87,044 - Leopoldshöhe, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: BZT

    bzt pfg-s-3020 servo, incl. bzt cnc traverse y = 3000 x = 2000 z = 400 mm portalfraese with: clamping surface: approx x = 2000 mm x y = 3600mm clearance height under z-axis: 500 mm spindles: ballsc...

  • Toothed harrows BZTS-1.0

    No price - Kiev, Ukraine

      toothed harrows bzts speed heavy-1.0 are designed for loosening the soil and leveling of the field surface, destroying weed, breaking up lumps, as well as harrowing germination of grain and industr...

    • Harrow Tine BZTS hard-1

      No price - Kiev, Ukraine

        harrow tine bzts heavy-1.0, features of which are low cost and high speed, designed for the treatment of soil, cleaning of weeds, the destruction of a crust on the soil and processing of crops. wit...