• 1995 Idra OL 1600 PRP # K 27 203 Automated horizontal cold camber pressure die casting cell

    No price - Europe
    • Manufacturer: Idra

    1 used automated horizontal cold camber pressure die casting cell ------------------------------------- make: idra model: ol 1600 prp new in: 1995 ...

  • 51.25" (1302mm) FATA HUNTER COIL COATING LINE, NEW 2002

    No price - Newark, NJ, USA
    • Manufacturer: Fata Hunter
    • Weight: 50,000 Lbs

    manufacturer - fata hunter year - 2002 status - installed in usa product - single coat roof deck coils line direction - right to left general description line speed - 200 fpm (61m/min) width rang...

  • 2016 Magido L160E metal parts washer, camber

    No price - Upper Austria, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Magido

    spray clеaning machine - parts washer - new/pilot plant basket commercial dimensions: lxb 1,100 x 1,100 mm usable height: 800 mm bela de weight: 700 kg tank capacity: 320 litres, injection pressure...

  • BAILEIGH EW-37HD #6432

    No price - Baltimore, MD, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Baileigh

    baileigh 10 gauge heavy duty english wheel ew-37hd model: ew-37hd made in the usa description if professional metal shaping is what you do, then you know the importance of a good quality english wh...

  • 2013 Vikas Machine Industries (India) No.: 1500

    No price - North Branford, CT, USA
    • Manufacturer: Vikas Machine Industries (India)

    machine# 13036 specifications: manufacturer: vikas machine industries (india) type: roll grinder with automatic camber model no.: 1500 year of manufacture: 2013 work piece size: minimum rol...

  • PAC ATSM 358 O08L007

    $1,800 - Leander, TX, USA
    • Manufacturer: PAC

    we inserted the strapping into the top slot and then powered on the machine.  it pulled in the strapping into the lower camber and automatically stopped.  then the strapping was put down in the ass...

  • 36" (900mm) x 189" (4800mm), CHURCHILL, No. FB, CYLINDRICAL/ROLL GRINDER

    No price - North Branford, CT, USA

      machine# 12848 specifications: swing over bed 900mm (36") maximum distance between centers 4800mm (189") swivel table camber attachment rapid infeed to wheel head variable table speeds variable w...


      No price - North Branford, CT, USA
      • Manufacturer: Cincinnati

      machine# 12852 equipped with: camber attachment radius dresser (3-1/4 maximum convex radius) angle dresser - center grinding attachment headstock (dead spindle) catalog specifications: swin...

    • 2017 Pronar 2.1 meter snow plough PU-2100 V plough

      $3,450 - Longridge, United Kingdom
      • Manufacturer: Pronar

      this is a 2.21 meter hydraulically folding snow plough with v fold. this for small municipal and agricultural tractors for front linkage category 1 and ii the snow plough angles left and right 30 d...

    • 2017 Pronar PUV 2600 2.6 meter snow plough V-form

      $4,029 - Longridge, United Kingdom
      • Manufacturer: Pronar

      hours: 0 | country: united kingdom | top speed: 10 km/h | attachments: 3 point link cat ii and iii hydraulic folding and angling with 4 basic positions electric cab controls included extends to 2....