No price - Mogliano Veneto, Italy

      aspo powered camu da15q. manual opening width tape 600 beautiful machine unpainted ingombro1200x1200x1500 costa new € 7,910.00


      No price - Mogliano Veneto, Italy

        decoiler powered camu - series l expansion manual diam.370-630 mm clutch adjustable rotation turns 12 / ' mod.310 / m width mm 300 capacity ton 1.00 il mm 1380 power kw 1,1 fr. a 3231 / camu / lu...

      • Motorized reel 10

        No price - Mogliano Veneto, Italy

          motorized reel hydraulic opening camu year in operation ce marked capacity 10 2003 b) well in good conditions of use, which 'can see laced and running, by appointment. the warranty on the machine ...

        • Plant foaming pannellli sandwich discontinuously

          No price - Mogliano Veneto, Italy

            product description: panel type: executes all types of panel, for cold storage rooms for food below zero degrees. foamed joint panel for cold rooms; optionally with minor changes to the looming mal...

          • CAMU SCI860/MFI Decoilers

            No price - Germany
            • Manufacturer: CAMU
            • Capacity: 6 to.

            decoilers camu sci860/mfi used machine load capacity: 6 to. band width: 800 mm hydr. spreading motorized pressure arm

          • CAMU 57-63 T-TF (C-axis)

            No price - Stockstadt am Rhein, Germany
            • Manufacturer: CAMU

            table Ø 5.700 mm. max. work Ø 6,300 mm. spindle power 120 kw. max. working height 4,000 mm. max. . table load 100 tonnes .. vertical travel d ram 2,000 mm . tappet size 280 x 280 mm milling motor p...

          • CAMU SCI860/MFI Decoiler 6 to. x 800 mm

            No price - Bietigheim, Germany
            • Manufacturer: CAMU
            • Capacity: 6 to

            capacity: 6 to strip width: 800 mm hydr. expasion motorized presser arm bctboy8osn9

          • SCHULER Double side eccentric press and double connecting rod. Type PZ ESS 200

            No price - Barcelona, Spain
            • Manufacturer: Schuler

            schuler double side eccentric press and double connecting rod. type pz ess 200 pneumatic clutch. max power 200 tn. table 1170x1000 mm. dimensions deck 820x720 mm stroke 35 mm opening 530 mm stroke...

          • CAMU DECOILER

            No price - Greece
            • Manufacturer: CAMU

            camu decoiler camu used machine width 1100mm weight 10 000kgr

          • CAMU DECOILER

            No price - Doxato, Greece
            • Manufacturer: CAMU
            • Capacity: 10.000kgr

            sheet metal width : 1100mm capacity : 10.000kgr the machine is in top condition like new getfjorys8i