• Carl Zeiss Jeneval

    • Manufacturer: Zeiss

      phone: 1-567-221-0615 this zeiss jenaval microsocope is in good cosmetic condition, with wear from normal use and age. new life scientific technicians have tested this microscope and were able to confirm that it...

      $1,690 (USD)
      Cridersville, OH, USA
    • Carl Zeiss Axio Observer Z1 Inverted Motorized Microscope 5, 10, 20, 40x Fluorescence

      • Manufacturer: Zeiss

        priced $32,995.00 zeiss axio observer z1 inverted motorized microscope 5,10,20,40x fluorescence internal part number 10891 setup for bright f ...

        $32,995 (USD)
        Walpole, MA, USA
      • Carl Zeiss MEL 80

        • Manufacturer: Zeiss

          laser locator complete carl zeiss mel 80 excimer laser system - sold as is for parts. system was decommissioned in 2016 by a zeiss engineer and it hasn't been used since. we are not trained to work on this model ...

          $19,500 (USD)
          Tampa, FL, USA
        • Carl Zeiss 740i HFA-II

          • Manufacturer: Zeiss

            laser locator excellent refurbished condition! this system has been fully serviced and inspected by our staff. the unit is complete with all accessories including patient clicker, keyboard, manual, table, and pri...

            $14,500 (USD)
            Tampa, FL, USA

            • Manufacturer: Zeiss

              thank you for your time and business texas residents are subject to a 8.25% sles tax. usa customers items are ship ...

              $8,248 (USD)
              Houston, TX, USA
            • Carl Zeiss Microscope 4319746 Atlantex and Zieler Instrument w/ Power Supply

              • Manufacturer: Zeiss

                phone: 1-567-221-0615 1carl zeiss microscope 4319746 atlantex & zieler instrument w/ 4 objectives this is a carl zeiss microscope. it is in very good condition and includes the power supply for the required ligh...

                $650 (USD)
                Cridersville, OH, USA
              • Carl Zeiss AAS5-EA Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

                • Manufacturer: Zeiss

                  carl zeiss aas5-ea atomic absorption spectrometer fully automatic flame atomic absorption spectrometer for measuring trace elements in broad concentration ranges. a burner system fitted with comprehensive senso...

                  $6,999 (USD)
                  Tustin, CA, USA
                • Carl Zeiss S-planar 1 2,1 f=95mm M1 5 nA=0,20 Nr6367359

                  • Manufacturer: Zeiss

                    carl zeiss s-planar 1 2,1 f=95mm m1 5 na=0,20 (nr6367359)

                    $636 (USD)
                    Ventura, CA, USA
                  • 4000 Gallon Exotic Alloys Reactor #217606

                    • Manufacturer: Carl Canzler

                      15,200ltr titanium lined (3.7025) reactor, manufactured by carl canzler, fabrik #15683, pressure internal 10 bar @ 300 deg c (15200ltr), jacket 20 bar @ 300 deg c (950ltr), weld domed top, weld dished bottom, 2.4...

                      No price
                      West Windsor Township, NJ, USA
                    • 178 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank ; Pressure #211760

                      • Manufacturer: CARL GANZLER
                      • Capacity: 178 GALLON / 675 LITER

                      675ltr 316 s/steel horizontal pressure tank with 1/2 pipe coil jacket, serial #15064, manufactured by carl ganzler, germany. internal pressure -1/2 bar @ 200 deg c (675ltr), jacket 6 bar @ 200 deg c (22.6ltr)

                      No price
                      West Windsor Township, NJ, USA

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