• 2000 Carl Wolf EDT 10000 Plane Tandem 3-S. tipper

    $7,699 - Fließem, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Wolf

    air brake front of the podium extension sides plans 3 side tipper ahk compressed air connections trailer hydraulic connections front sight side walls open from the bottom and top steel suspension l...

  • Wolf WDK 65 8000

    $8,369 - Werl, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Wolf

    used carl wolf tipper semi-trailers. three-way tipper with steel construction. braking brake, 4 wheel brake. central locking system tipping cylinder is tight, tire profiles good. rollplane, cl...

  • 2000 Carl Wolf EDT 10000 Plane-Tandem 3-S. Kipper

    $7,725 - Fließem, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Wolf

    - pressure air brake, platform front, attachment boards, tarpaulins, 3-side tipper, ahk, compressed air connections, trailer hydraulic connections, grain slides, german driving license, vehicle co...