• Elevator E.007. Carnitech. Length 200cm.

    $2,176 - Hobro, Denmark

      elevator e007. length 200cm, height 45cm approach, departure height 200cm, width 35cm, bring 5.0cm,

    • Elevator E.011.Carnitech. Length 190cm.

      $2,031 - Hobro, Denmark

        elevator e011. length 190cm, height 95cm approach, departure height 130cm, width 25cm, bring 3.0cm

      • Conveyor T.093 Carnitech Length 140cm.

        $2,829 - Hobro, Denmark

          carnitech conveyor t.093. length: 140cm. width: 50cm. height: 90cm.

        • Carnitech CT2611 Filleting machineRelated goods

          No price - Myre, Norway Recently Added

            condition: overhauled this filleting machine processes salmon and trout/ the size range is from 1,5  to 7 kg capacity: up to 20 fish/min (depends on fish size) the gutted deheaded fish is placed in...

          • Check Weighing Length 197cm.

            $10,882 - Hobro, Denmark

              carnitech check weigher. length: 197cm. band width: 22cm. access: 80cm. departure: 108 / 120cm. my weight: 50 grams. max weight: 3000gram.

            • Fillet Washington / Desliming

              $18,137 - Hobro, Denmark

                carnitech fillet washing / desliming machine 380v, click on the photo for more pictures.

              • Cutting Machine for strips.

                $6,529 - Hobro, Denmark

                  carnitech cutting machine for strips. type skm01, 380v. this machine has been used to cut the salmon into strips.

                • Toe saw. high model

                  $5,078 - Hobro, Denmark

                    carnitech toe saw, high model, 380v, click on the photo for more photos.

                  • Toe saw. low model

                    $5,078 - Hobro, Denmark

                      carnitech toe saw. low model, 380v, click on the photo for more photos.

                    • 2007 Carnitech CT1612.10 Deslimer

                      No price - Myre, Norway

                        carnitech ct1612. 10 deslimer condition: very good man. year: 2007 the deslimer rinsing system efficiently rinses off slime, blood and bacteria from salmon and trout before processing. due to high ...